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My young spirit.

Posted by appolus on December 30, 2014

I just had my 50th birthday and of course you get all the jokes about being old and so on, which I actually find funny. I want to tell you something about me. In my spirit I do not feel 50. In fact, I can honestly say that in my spirit I do not feel any different from when I was a teenager. Now, in my body I certainly feel 50, in fact probably older, as one who laid bricks for a quarter of a century. Now when I say my spirit does not feel any different, I don’t mean that old saying ” you are only as young as you feel.” My feelings are fleeting and can change with the wind, but this spirit in me is eternal and shall never die. This old vehicle that I carry my spirit around in is decaying and will die and go back into the earth and then I will be raised in a new spiritual body.

You know there was two faithful men who believed God and His promises when they went in to spy out the promised land. One was Joshua and one was Caleb. They believed God and they believed they could take the land. They were strong in spirit and because of that they were ready to take on all the battles that it would take to take hold of the possession given to them by God. Now, age never dimmed this spirit. At the age of 80, when the land was being taken,  Caleb is given the region with the giants. Caleb steps forward, now 80, but that same spirit that believed at 40 that God would go before him and give him victory still burned in the heart of Caleb. Nothing had changed in his spirit and he was able to do exploits for God.

Christian, your spirit is eternal. No matter what age you are you have the Spirit of the living God dwelling in you calling you to rise up and do exploits for God. Run to the battle, move forward in God, take on the challenges that lie before you. Do not worry about your age or what you think you are capable of, no, focus on the fact that the spirit within you is eternal and the Holy Spirit of the living God dwells within your chest in a fire that cannot be quenched. Run until there is nothing left of you. When they lay you in the ground let them say of you that you never stopped. That you soared on wings like eagles. That you ran and did not grow weary. God in you is an all-consuming fire that fuels your spirit and lights up the darkness. Praise God, we are fearfully and wonderfully made, who can stop the man or the woman of God?

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