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My young spirit.

Posted by appolus on December 30, 2014

I just had my 50th birthday and of course you get all the jokes about being old and so on, which I actually find funny. I want to tell you something about me. In my spirit I do not feel 50. In fact, I can honestly say that in my spirit I do not feel any different from when I was a teenager. Now, in my body I certainly feel 50, in fact probably older, as one who laid bricks for a quarter of a century. Now when I say my spirit does not feel any different, I don’t mean that old saying ” you are only as young as you feel.” My feelings are fleeting and can change with the wind, but this spirit in me is eternal and shall never die. This old vehicle that I carry my spirit around in is decaying and will die and go back into the earth and then I will be raised in a new spiritual body.

You know there was two faithful men who believed God and His promises when they went in to spy out the promised land. One was Joshua and one was Caleb. They believed God and they believed they could take the land. They were strong in spirit and because of that they were ready to take on all the battles that it would take to take hold of the possession given to them by God. Now, age never dimmed this spirit. At the age of 80, when the land was being taken,  Caleb is given the region with the giants. Caleb steps forward, now 80, but that same spirit that believed at 40 that God would go before him and give him victory still burned in the heart of Caleb. Nothing had changed in his spirit and he was able to do exploits for God.

Christian, your spirit is eternal. No matter what age you are you have the Spirit of the living God dwelling in you calling you to rise up and do exploits for God. Run to the battle, move forward in God, take on the challenges that lie before you. Do not worry about your age or what you think you are capable of, no, focus on the fact that the spirit within you is eternal and the Holy Spirit of the living God dwells within your chest in a fire that cannot be quenched. Run until there is nothing left of you. When they lay you in the ground let them say of you that you never stopped. That you soared on wings like eagles. That you ran and did not grow weary. God in you is an all-consuming fire that fuels your spirit and lights up the darkness. Praise God, we are fearfully and wonderfully made, who can stop the man or the woman of God?

15 Responses to “My young spirit.”

  1. suez62 said

    Amen, Brother, and Happy belated Birthday! At 63 I can relate, that the spirit man, never feels his or her age. But, that ole body of our certainly does! 😦 Speaking of Giants, what is your opinion on where they came from. If you don’t wish to start a huge debate on here, I certainly understand. As others may jump in…LOL But, you have my email. I have given this much prayer, study and thought, and just wanted someone’s opinion that I respect. Thanks. Sue

    • elisabeth said

      I had a dream a couple of months ago that a big bald giant was in the hallway next to my bedroom. I could see him but he could not see me. When I saw him I panicked and in the dream I jumped out of bed and out of the door to the outside and over the balcony down to the ground. When I got to the ground I was gonna run but decided to stop and look through the window to see if I could see the giant. At that point I was in that place where you are halfway asleep and halfway awake and I heard a man’s voice clear as a bell say: ” they keep finding you because of the perfume you are wearing”. and then I woke up. Ok so I prayed and prayed and even asked a couple of christian friends what that dream meant. So when I was worshipping one day, the Lord reminded me that I have been wearing the same perfume for over 30 years, never wearing anything but that perfume. He also reminded me that I had committed great sin while wearing that perfume. I am not going to go into details but everytime I comitted sin for the past 30 years I was wearing that perfume. So I decided to take the voice literal and stop wearing the perfume in case it had become some sort of homing device for demon giants. It was hard giving it up because I loved the smell of that perfume, really loved it. I wouldn’t go anywhere unless I had it on. Ok so also another point I will make is that for years up until I gave up the perfume, I dreaded waking up in the morning because I always woke up under spiritual attack, depressed, feeling like I was doomed, horrible feelings just horrible, and I would have to immediatly start praying and worshipping to to shrug off all the gunk. It usually took me about an hour to get spiritually right, and I had prayed and prayed asking God to remove that from me for years. Ok so anyway every since I gave up the perfume, I have not woke up that way!!!!! I have woke up really happy and joyful and it has been so peaceful to wake up without all that demonic gunk trying to depress, and oppress me. I know that sounds crazy but you know what I really don’t care I am just grateful to not have to go through that every morning. so anyway, I think that giants are just one of the forms that demons have.

      • appolus said

        Elisabeth, giants come in many forms and even when they are gone sometimes their shadow stalks the land. I praise God that He has removed the shadow of your torment and has replaced that with the shadow of His wings. Within the shadow of His wings are peace.
        2Cor2…14But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. 15For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing; 16to the one an aroma from death to death, to the other an aroma from life to life. And who is adequate for these things?… Now this is a fragrance we can all aspire too………………bro Frank

      • suez62 said

        Elisabeth. That is awesome! Yes, I believe God can speak to us in dreams, but not on a regular basis of coarse. One dream I knew was from the Lord is when, I was feeling lead to get off Facebook. Well, I ignored it, thinking it was just me. A few short weeks later, I had a dream, of which I awoke, and new instantly the meaning of the dream, which in times past, I didn’t always know the interpretation. It was about leaving Facebook and it was frighting. Well, I was off in two days, after saying goodbye and exchanging some email addresses with some folks. That was close to two years ago, and although I’ve been “tempted”, I have never went back!

        • elisabeth said

          Suez, I understand about facebook, I got off of it four years ago, however I have to confess that I did sneak on a few times on my husbands account to check on people, ok guess you could call it spying. Lol, it felt like spying anyway. My husband just now decided to get off facebook himself so no more of that. I don’t know what all is going on but God is really doing a lot of pruning. No more t.v., facebook, don’t even own an i phone, have an old flip phone that I am about to get rid of and going back to plain old land line. Haven’t been told anything about computer yet but by the time I do, will be ready for it.

          • suez62 said

            Funny you should mention TV. I just watched two of these on YouTube. This may be #2, so you would want to watch #1 first. I’m sure you can find it close to this one… http://youtu.be/6Q9ctZYBneA

          • elisbeth said

            I watched part 2, that was very good, going to watch part 1. It is amazing, that is the very reason that we threw out the tv’s. i started noticing how demonic all of it was especially the commercials. it is rediculus how it jumps out at you. I never could see it before, never, i loved little house on the prairie, that was one of my favorite shows. It totally breaks me to know that i went all those years and couldn’t see it for what it was. Thank you Jesus for your amazing grace, was blind now I see.

    • appolus said

      Hi Sue, as we know, all were killed in the flood apart from eight. There was Noah and his wife, three sons and their three wives. In that one group there would have been many aspects of the previous society, the genes from the world that was judged lived on in those who were saved from the flood. IN fact, there will come a day soon when this world will be just like the days of Noah. There were giants in the pre-flood world and there would have developed giants in the post flood world. Some were reckoned to be 10 feet tall. Goliath and Gad and so on and the mountainous regions of Hebron would be examples of extremely tall people whose genes survived the flood in the wives of Noah’s sons. Of course, I could be completely wrong 🙂 …………….bro Frank

      • suez62 said

        So, I gather you do not go along with the popular theory of the Sons of God being fallen angels then? Thank God, I was beginning to think I was the only odd man out, so to speak…LOL Although their theory seems logical at times, and could answer many questions, I’ve never been able to grasp that theory. If it takes blood and body fluids,,,to conceive a child, and the angels are spirits, then where is the blood? Where is the DNA? Don’t you need flesh and blood to reproduce? At least I always thought the” life is in the blood”. Jesus himself even said, angels are spirits. So, if they are spirits, how can they have blood? And if they don’t have blood, how can they reproduce? I guess I’m just to logical…LOL I don’t have all the answers, but I am still praying and reading and studying about it. Many of my Christian friends argue this with me. I don’t have all the answers but, I don’t believe their answers either…LOL I know there were giants, that is a biblical fact. But, I don’t know where or how they were created, other than the fact, the Bible says, GOD created ALL things! So,,,,??? There ya go! LOL 🙂

        • suez62 said

          I have often wondered, why this is now such a popular teaching??? I never heard of this way back in the 70’s and 80’s. If it was out, then it wasn’t out on the scale it is now. Many, many, so called Christian preachers are teaching it… WHY? What is satan’s agenda in getting this lie out, on such a large scale? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? I don’t have a problem with the 10 toes being a mixture of clay and iron like the Bible says, and that the mingling could be with fallen angels or demon spirits. But, just because you go to a party, and your mingle, doesn’t mean your having sex with the people there. Your just mingling, or going around socializing…LOL Just some thoughts of mine…LOL

        • elisabeth said

          I can see how they could do it if you look at it in light of all the alien abduction stories that have come out. All of the abductees claim that they were sexually experimented on. I think aliens are just demons manifesting some great deception.

  2. Deborah said

    This was a word in season for me, as I am 60 now and sometimes feel I am too old for the exciting challenges that I know lie ahead this year. Funnily enough your post came through to me twice, so I will take that as God’s way of emphasising the message 🙂

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