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How many times can a heart be broken

Posted by appolus on December 11, 2014

How many times can a heart be broken
How many tears have to fall
How many times do I have to forgive
Or perhaps not forgive at all

When my steps grow tired and weary
And my sleep has vanished in the night
How can I go on day by day
And not simply give up the fight

Where can I find the strength to go on
When it seems I have lost my way
How can I lift my head from the pillow
Even for just one more day

Then all of a sudden I know He is here
My waiting has not been in vain
He comes to me through the fire and the flood
Through the heartache and through the pain

And suddenly I have the strength to carry on
I rise on the wings of His love
Who knew I would rise o’r this valley of death
And find myself far far above.

I soar on the glorious splendor of Love
On the wings of the eagle I fly
I feast on the banquet He prepares for me
As I revel in the endless sky.

5 Responses to “How many times can a heart be broken”

  1. Leslie Manto said

    Hello Brother Frank,
    So often your poems speak to my spirit. I looked at my face in the mirror this morning and saw lines of grief and sadness.
    This is not what the world wants to see. The world says, “Smile, though your heart is breaking” or get a facelift! But the Lord quickly reminded me that he was a man acquainted with sorrow and that people were not drawn to Him because he was a happy-go-lucky man. He was a man of sorrows, despised and rejected of men. Some of the Jesus films make him to look joyful and handsome, strong and winsome. He was only 33 years when he went to the cross, no time to have wrinkles and frown lines, but scripture speaks of someone from whom men hide their faces.
    I’m writing this without a Bible near so can’t give scriptures. How many times can a heart be broken? Probably hundreds of times, but the Healer of our hearts is ever with us as you wrote. He keeps coming and strengthening his children through pain, sorrow and sadness. That is the true joy of knowing Him on this painful planet. This is perseverance and overcoming…by the blood of the Lamb who carried our griefs and sorrows.
    In the Lord,
    Sister L.

    • appolus said

      Amen Leslie, such honest words. Jesus was indeed a man acquainted with sorrows. It is not a part that we as Christians like to dwell on too much but there it is. When we are physically attacked we, at the very least, throw up our hands to protect ourselves. When our heart is open, as it must be to walk with and serve the Lord, then it is utterly vulnerable to attack. It is so tempting to allow our hearts to begin to close down, it is even a knee jerk reaction to hurt and pain that comes and comes and comes again. I have cried out to the Lord so many times to fill my heart again, even when I had not the slightest desire. This is the Word of God doing it’s work, when our own love fails, when we come to the end of our emotions, when anger and bitterness and melancholy seek to drown us or perhaps apathy sweeps down like an avalanche to try and cover everything up, then we cry out to God for what we know is right and we wait. Of course all of this and my poem is an allusion to Isaiah 40 for those who wait upon the Lord, for those who have grown weary or tired and faint, suddenly the presence of God lifts us and carries us beyond and above, high above the cares and pain of this world. He makes us lie down for a while in green pastures, He leads and guides us and comforts us. He feeds our hearts and waters our thirsty souls and we sit down, like Mephibosheth who was lame and unable to look after himself, with the King. He prepares a table before us right there in the midst of our circumstances and we are strengthened to carry on realizing, the older we get, that surely goodness and mercy has followed us and will follow us all the days of our lives. This is the joy of knowing Him on this all to often painful journey. We persevere and overcome because our hand is outstretched to His and that outstretched hand reaches high into the heavens and finds itself before the throne of mercy and grace……………………….bro Frank

      • Leslie Manto said

        Just read these responses. So beautifully expressed. Our Lord is so faithful to fill us again and again with his love and forgiveness. There is no better place to dwell. Thank you Jesus.There is none like You! Thank you Father for your obedient and faithful Son. Thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit to indwell us.

  2. Very well said, both of you, Leslie and Frank. Thank you!! And the poem is both true and touching; what you describe matches with my own experiences, Frank.

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