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United in Christ

Posted by appolus on July 25, 2014

Born into the world children of men
Born into the kingdom sons and daughters
One in Christ and Him alone
This is what the Word has taught us

The glory revealed that we should be one
United in Christ this race we should run
Standing together and never apart
Hand in hand into the Father’s heart

United in Spirit intent on one purpose
Wrapped in His arms He will surely encompass
His Body, His children who stand as one
Who will fight the fight until the fight is done

Stand together and be of one mind
Embrace one another be loving and kind
Believing together one heart and one soul
Rising as one, the Body is whole

Behold how good and how pleasant it is
For His children to dwell together
To come as one, worship and adore
Blessings and life forevermore

Can you see I’m coming with my glory in the sky?
Put division aside and to your flesh die
For by one Spirit you were called into love
To glorify and honor your Father above

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