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Problems with prayer

Posted by appolus on July 15, 2014

Many saints I know ” pray,” as though they are not talking to God. They lecture Him, they teach Him, they use prayer to teach others, they do all these things but the one thing they are not doing is talking to God, at best they are talking to themselves. If you do not believe that you are talking to God, then you are not. Your own unbelief has become your ceiling.

Prayer is something that most of us struggle with at one time or another. There is a direct correlation between your walk with the Lord and your prayer life. There can be seasons of dryness, seasons of drought, seasons of abundance, there can be deep dark winters from which we may think we shall not emerge from, all of this is common to every saint.

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And still the rivers flow (a contemplation of time)

Posted by appolus on July 15, 2014

One hundred years a thousand years
And still the rivers flow
I stand upon the bridge and look
Where does the water go?

It flows in perpetual motion
And travels swiftly under me
As it goes down to the ocean
And is swallowed by the sea

It rises there again once more
It rises to the sky
Taken up into an open door
As time begins to fly

It flies towards the mountain
And falls again as rain
And as it passes under me
It knows something of my pain

It exists for just a moment
The water that I see
And then before I know it
It is carried far from me

If I look on down the river
It quickly vanishes from sight
And yet it still is part of one
As the sun exists at night

Trauma passes out of view
And life it rushes on
Yet still a very part of you
It’s never really gone

The past goes on before us
And the future’s right behind
In the river there’s no chaos
Not to look is to be blind

Time exists for man alone
There is no time before the throne
No future, no past that I can see
A single moment is eternity

Who can stop this river
And its never ending flow?
The one who started all the rain
It’s to Him that I must go

For time and space it is but one
It carries faith and hope and sin
Yet in the world that is to come
New wine shall find a new wine-skin

For time is but the sum of the whole
Yet in heaven it ceases to be
For there, love and love alone
Exists to finally set us free.

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