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The beauty of silence-The noise of the world!

Posted by appolus on July 25, 2013

I believe the cross is empty
Because He dwells in me
No longer bound and chained by death
Because He set me free

I believe the tomb in empty
Because my heart is full
I believe the Lord He died for me
Hands pierced with nails so cruel

I believe in my Lord and risen King
Because I met Him on the road
He washed me clean, restored my soul
And took from me a heavy load

I know my King is coming soon
I hear His small still voice
Can you hear Him whisper in the wind?
Can you hear above the noise?

People running to and fro
Distraction, they abound!
Much noise is heard throughout the land
The Lord is nowhere to be found

Hush your voices Christendom
Let silence fall like rain
Let the dew of holy reverence
Soak us once again

Our God is vast beyond compare
He dwells in a lofty place
And His children dwell within the veil
And His glory shines upon their face

Seek the Lord in the quiet place
Run from all the noise
And up from the glory of silence
We begin to hear the saints rejoice

And the prophets of Baal make more noise
As they try to bring God down
Yet Gods unmoved by fleshly things
So they do not hear a sound

More drums perhaps, more noise may work?
If we worship all day long?
Perhaps the fire of God will fall
If we sing a louder song?

And still our God He is unmoved
By the sacrifice of Cain
And instead of God we see strange fire
As they make more noise again

Gods remnant children seek His face
And in the desert places bloom
For the bride she knows the Bridegroom comes
And the Lord our God is coming soon!

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