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Eternal excellence

Posted by appolus on July 7, 2013

For those saints who are in the midst of great trials and afflictions, where there seems to be no end, no light at the end of your tunnel, can I an encourage you this day? The Lord’s word says………..

Isa 60:15 Whereas thou hast been forsaken and hated, so that no man went through thee, I will make thee an eternal excellency, a joy of many generations.

The Lord goes on to say that you will know that He is your Saviour. Of course, as genuine Christians we know that the Lord is our Saviour. We know that He has delivered us from hell and death and sin and has taken us out of the world and into the Kingdom and we praise the Lord for it. Yet, when difficulties arise, when we are overwhelmed by circumstance, often times we lose sight of the fact that he is still our Saviour, that He is still our deliverer that He is still the mighty one of Israel, the Lion of Judah. Yet here in Isa 60 He makes great and wonderful promises. He says that instead of bronze He will give us gold. Instead of iron, silver. Instead of wood, bronze. Instead of stones, iron.

He will literally take each set of circumstance and He will refine them. And with these building materials the Lord will build a wall of salvation and there will be gates of praise. Jesus Himself will be your protector,if you allow Him to be your Saviour. Will you? Will you allow Him to be your Saviour? Will you lay all of your cares and worries at His feet? Will you give Him your circumstances? Will you look to Jesus in the midst of them? If you do, He will surround you and from you there will be praise. You will not remain silent, you will not be contained, you will not be a wall without gates. For you have been designed to glorify God, to make a joyful noise unto Him and to the world. Can the world hear you? Can it see you rejoice in the very midst of your circumstance?

When you walk in this fashion, the word says that you will no longer need the sun to light your way! Nor will you need the moon to light up your night? And why? Because the Lord has become an ” everlasting light,” and God’s glory now rests upon you. And this sun shall never set and ” the days of your mourning shall be at an end.” Glory to God! And you will become a powerful witness in the land. Brothers and sisters, have you spent a season or seasons mourning? Have you wept and lamented over your family, your country, your world? These tears, this heart of yours that has remained steadfast despite multiple trials and the narrowest of paths is rewarded for its diligence. And the reward, the exceeding great reward, is God Himself in all of His glory burning and shining in and through you. Is that what you want? Is this the desire of your heart?

Then as sure as the Word is true, you shall have the desire of your heart. You shall arise with a generation of saints for such a time as this. For God is raising up such a generation that’s only desire, only desire, is to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Praise God, we may be living in an ever darkening world, but we have been called to walk in ” eternal excellence,” and in ” everlasting light.”

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