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The city in the desert

Posted by appolus on July 19, 2013

Hi saints. In my mind’s eye I can see the Holy City far and deep into a mighty desert. Now I know that in my flesh I would avoid deserts. The vision in my mind’s eye would, I suppose, be metaphorical for the narrow path that leads to life. Now, it makes no sense to think that if I was seeking life that I would go seek it in the desert. Yet there it is, the church of God, surrounded by a mighty desert. There is no way to the heart of it but by striking out and heading deep into a place that where my only resource, in fact life itself, will be God. If He does not go before me I will die, I will never get there. If He is not a cloud over my head then the sun will kill me. If He is not a fire by night then I will surely freeze to death. If He is not my rear guard, then the jackals and other predators of this hostile place will sneak up behind me and kill me.

You see brothers and sisters, there is nothing attractive about the desert. It is not an alluring place, in fact quite the opposite. Now although Abraham did not dwell in a desert, I believe the choice that His nephew made is a good example of the choices that God is calling His people today to make. Lot chose the well watered places and planes of Sodom in which to dwell. Yes it was near a wicked city, but it was plentiful and life was easy there. Yet at what cost? Does the choices that we make have consequences? We may not lose our souls in the process but can it be that we would lose our walk , our intimate walk with Jesus because the cares of the world , the cares that inevitably come by living in proximity to Sodom, or being caught up in the systems of Babylon?

Now when we think about Moses and his forty years in the desert prior to the burning bush or indeed the children of Israels forty years in the desert or John the Baptist’s time in the wilderness and indeed Jesus’s symbolic forty days in the desert we begin to see a pattern. It defies the flesh to go into the desert to find life. Can there be life in the desert? Would we willingly choose to enter into a place where all flesh dies but for the Lord? Can we be drawn into a place where unless we encounter God Himself as we are stripped of all of our resources then we would surely die? God is raising up such a generation that has found abundant life in the desert. Who have found that water flows from Rock at the hand of God. That God Himself can make rivers in the desert. He can make a highway that leads to life.

Will you journey there? Is there a desire in you to find God in such a deep way that He is life itself to you and that without Him you would surely die and have no desire to live? Can I encourage you today saints? God has made such glorious and mighty promises to those who hunger and thirst after Him with their “whole hearts.” Please do a word study of that phrase and see the glorious promises God has made to those who would turn again to Him with their whole hearts. Desert places? Yes. Yet, a burning bush and some sand can and will be transformed into Holy ground, for where the Lord is, is Holy. There is a sacrifice to be made to come into this place. Do you desire to make such a sacrifice before the brazen altar of the Lord?

There is a generation of desert dwellers being raised, a generation of wilderness dwellers ready to rise up and come forth. A generation of saints who have counted the cost. Whose only desire is to seek Him with their whole hearts and His righteousness. They will see the glory of their God. They will behold His glory and His majesty. And they will make declarations from that place. They will, like John the Baptist declare to the world ” Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.” Yet, this generation also gets to say “Behold the lion of Judah that rides on a white horse with a two-edged sword in His hand. He is coming, the King is coming! Lift up ye gates ye ancient cities and lift up ye doors for the King is coming and He is coming soon.”

This is the purpose of God’s remnant saints. We will make such a glorious noise in the desert of worship to our King. We will sing hallelujahs to His glory. The anointing of the anointed one will be upon us and the world will look into the desert and hear a strange and glorious noise, a noise such as they have never heard before and a light that shines out of a place where no light and no life should exist, and they will be perplexed and confounded.

5 Responses to “The city in the desert”

  1. jeremy said

    Wonderful word brother. I have been in a great many spiritual deserts and lived in a couple physical ones as well. Oh that Lamb of God would get the full reward for His suffering in our lives. May we stay alert and on guard in this darked hour, seek His face, run with a resolve to fight, pull down heaven in prayer and seek to do His good works which were prepared beforehand because we are His workmanship. Wonderful to have met you, maybe we can talk more and minister in the future. Maybe in Kenya?! Blessings in Christ alone. Jeremy

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  3. Where are you located. This is what I’ve been asking God for for some years now. He has answered my prayers there is a chosen remnant a called out body of believers

    • appolus said

      Hi sister, I live in the Kansas City area. I am also involved in a ministry called Gospel Fellowships. You can go to gospelfellowships.net and click on the contact link and it will bring up a map. On the map will be contact points, click on them and their e-mail will pop up. Perhpas there will be one near where you live……………bro Frank

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