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Kites flying in the wind-cultural Christianity showing its true colors

Posted by appolus on June 30, 2013

In light of the recent decisions from the Supreme Court and the rapid move of the culture in regard to homosexuality, I thought about kites flying in the wind. I read a piece from one of the local pastors in my area. He pastors a huge Methodist church, somewhere in the region of 20,000 people. A very articulate man, very good speaker and communicator, the kind of man who, if he were not a pastor, would be a motivational speaker. His basic premise is that the homosexual issue is one of culture. That the few Scriptures in the New Testament that refer to homosexuality was basically just placating the culture of the day. He then falsely likened it to the same attitude the New Testament had, in his view, of slavery and the subordination of women. Now, anyone who knows Scripture knows that the New Testament does not condone slavery neither does it teach the subordination of women, so this pastor has created two straw men to support a non-biblical view.

Now I want you to see how this is going to play out going forward by those who I would describe as kites flying in the wind. And that simply means an entity that is taken up by the wind and flies in whatever direction the cultural winds blow, held by a very thin line. They will tell you that homosexuality in and of itself is not the problem, the problem is lust and adultery and lack of monogamy. They will level the playing field, so to speak, and contend that the sexual activity in and of itself is not the problem, it is a lack of self-control within the relationship. So, if man marries another man and stays faithful to that man, then that man is in a right standing before God if he claims to be a Christian.

Now, do not get me wrong, I too believe in a level playing field, meaning, one is either saved or they are not. Therefore I would never discriminate against homosexuals based on the fact that they are homosexuals. I simply see them as I see all who are not saved, broken people or rebellious people or both. Is there a greater degree of brokenness in the homosexual community? Yes I would say so. Is there a greater degree of rebellion in the homosexual community? Yes, I would say so. Does that mean that I cannot love a homosexual as simply someone who is lost, broken and in rebellion? Of course not, Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, the Father so loved a lost world that while they were yet in their sins He sent His only begotten Son to seek and to save them. And so, as we move forward in our rapidly changing society , it will become more vital than ever to speak the truth in love. It will certainly come at a price and those who I would describe as ” kites flying in the wind,” are simply desiring to make themselves relevant to the culture.

If I rob a bank and get clean away, what should I do with the money? If I do good with the money, if I give it to charitable causes and help the poor, does this negate the fact that I stole the money in the first place? If you discovered that someone you knew had robbed a bank, a very nice person, someone who you like, and they asked you what should they do with the money, what would you tell them? Would it be okay to live a peaceable life with the fruits of your robbery?

2 Responses to “Kites flying in the wind-cultural Christianity showing its true colors”

  1. abkeyte said

    It is ironic that almost any behavior or belief is acceptable in today’s culture except a moral, Christian viewpoint. A silk purse cannot come from a sow’s ear no matter how much we dress it up. And, God will not be mocked, or fooled or lied to with any success. We have His Word, and it is crystal clear no matter how much some people do not want to hear it. We are not to hate those who are not saved, or even those who hate us. Our job is to be light and truth to them, in love. And, to pray:

    Father, we pray for America. Please help us as a people to turn back to you! Please forgive us for our terrible and wicked sins as a people. Please help us to see and recognize the truth no matter how unpalatable it may be. Please help every member of your body in this land to stand up and say “No more! We will go no further!” We are a Christian nation and we will base our laws and our culture on the Word of God and only on the Word of God!”

    Father, please give us godly leadership in this land. Please help every member of congress, every member of the president’s cabinet, the president and his whole family and every member of the supreme court to come to a loving and saving knowledge of who Jesus really is. Help them to receive Jesus as their Lord, their Master and their Savior! Or, please remove them from office and replace them with people who do proclaim and live as people who believe Jesus is Lord!

    Father, please abolish every form of abortion in our land! Father, please abolish every form of same-sex marriage! Father, please abolish the child sex slave trade in our land and expose all of those who are involved in it in any way for all the world to see. Father, please expose all those involved in pornography our land. And, Father, please dry up all their resources and the demand for their services so all this ugly business will just blow away like chaff in the wind.

    Father, please heal our land! Please heal our minds and our souls from all the filth and defilement we ingest so easily. Please restore righteousness in our land and raise up warriors who will stand and wage battle against all the forces of evil. Please help us as a people to turn back to you that we may be healed and preserved. In the mighty matchless name of Jesus! Amen!

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