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Like a mighty rushing river!

Posted by appolus on June 1, 2013

There is a trail that I typically walk every day. It runs beside a small creek which on any given day has barely a trickle of water in it. It is probably about four to five yards wide. Recently, after many days of rain and after four inches in one night, I went down for my morning walk and quiet time. The creek was gone! The paved trail was also gone, they had been replaced by a raging river. This river was about fifty yards wide. Instead of following the well-worn path of the winding, twisting meandering creek, that followed the path of least resistance and which was defines by its banks, this river was up and out flowing straight. The confining banks no longer existed, and the mighty river was flattening everything and re-creating the landscape, such was its power. Everything that was not anchored or deeply lodged was simply swept away.

As I surveyed this, the Lord began to create a poem in my heart and a deeper longing to see Him come like a mighty flooding river, sweeping the things of this world away from His children. Redefining everything, changing the very landscape. Do you desire this for your life? Are you tired of the trickle that flows within the well-defined boundaries of your narrow banks? Banks that twist and turn, that are defined by the world around you, by the landscape of your life? Banks that have taken the path of least resistance. When the flood comes, and I believe with all of my heart that there is a mighty flood coming, everything changes. We are then not confined by our landscapes, we begin to define and create the landscape of our lives by the power of the mighty flow. May the Lord rend the heavens today and come down in mighty torrents. Here is the poem the Lord created in my heart………………

Like a mighty flooding river
That overflows its banks
Flood the deepest parts of me
And fill me up with thanks

With love and grace and mercy Lord
Flood my heart this day
And with your mighty torrents Lord
Wash my sins away

Wash away the boundaries Lord
That speaks to who I am
Redefine me with your love
When you release your mighty dam

Where once there was a quiet creek
Rise up and overflow
May I become a river deep
And may this river ever grow

And everywhere this river goes
That flows from Calvary
Would wash men in your love and grace
Rise up and set men free

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