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Kites flying in the wind-cultural Christianity showing its true colors

Posted by appolus on June 30, 2013

In light of the recent decisions from the Supreme Court and the rapid move of the culture in regard to homosexuality, I thought about kites flying in the wind. I read a piece from one of the local pastors in my area. He pastors a huge Methodist church, somewhere in the region of 20,000 people. A very articulate man, very good speaker and communicator, the kind of man who, if he were not a pastor, would be a motivational speaker. His basic premise is that the homosexual issue is one of culture. That the few Scriptures in the New Testament that refer to homosexuality was basically just placating the culture of the day. He then falsely likened it to the same attitude the New Testament had, in his view, of slavery and the subordination of women. Now, anyone who knows Scripture knows that the New Testament does not condone slavery neither does it teach the subordination of women, so this pastor has created two straw men to support a non-biblical view.

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