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One or the other:but not both

Posted by appolus on June 12, 2013

What are you going to do saints when your country comes after you because of what you believe? When the Lord calls you out of Babylon, will you be so enamored of the things of Babylon that you will be un-able to leave? What about when it was time to leave Babylon and return to Jerusalem?

After 70 short years, the majority decided to stay, it was only a remnant that returned. It seems that the comforts of Babylon was too much for most to give up , they chose the comfort of the world over joining their remnant brothers and sisters. We would do well to pause before we criticize those who refused to return to Jerusalem.

Can you put yourselves in their place? Leave a secure modern society to go to an abandoned place with broken down walls where you would be surrounded by enemies on every side? When our own world turns fully against us , what decision will you make? If following the Lord means giving up your place in society, will you be able and willing to do that? Recently, A Christian sportscaster gave an opinion on TV. He said that he did not believe that you could be a Christian and a practicing homosexual. Seems fairly straight forward and even five years ago it would have not raised too much of a fuss. Yet, he later had to come on and apologize for his statement.

Now this is a great example of what is to come for genuine Christians. The world will demand that you compromise what you believe in order to remain a part of it’s system. In this man’s case, it seems there is no doubt that if he did not apologize, he would have lost his standing in the world, along with his job and career and ability to feed his family. He would have become a pariah. Therein lies the choice, a microcosm of what is to become much worse.This is the generation that is going to have to make a choice.

Jesus’s ministry lasted for three years and had many different facets. Sometimes he was highly popular and and the crowds flocked to hear Him and indeed on more that one occasion would have made Him their King. Yet as His time on earth drew to a close and He began to reveal to the world who He truly was, one by one and then by a flood in John 6, most abandoned Him until He was left with a few. Then the world had to choose between Jesus and Barabas. Barabas was a fighter, he fought for freedom, he fought against the Romans, he desired to see Israel rule themselves. The world chose its own and rejected Jesus.

When the time comes, will you choose the world and all it’s comforts and security, or will you take your place with the minority, hated and rejected by the world, living in a place without walls, surrounded by your enemies on every side. It’s no mean choice brothers and sisters, it’s life or death. Die to this world and live eternally, or live for this world and die eternally. One or the other, but not both.

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