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Vessels fit for Oil-fill me up Lord

Posted by appolus on June 9, 2013

As I was walking today, and talking with the Lord, I thought about how important it is to be filled, to be constantly filled by Him and with Him. I had been reading recently in the Scriptures about the two olive trees in Zec 4. I read that the candlestick, the light, was constantly supplied by oil from the bowl that was connected to the two olive trees on either side of the bowl. Now, it seems clear from Scripture that these trees represent for us, Jesus on one side and the Holy Spirit on the other. And when we are connected to Jesus by the Holy Spirit, then our bowls, our vessels are filled with a never ending source of power, the power of God. In that same chapter we see , and it is such a well know Scripture , that ” It is not by might, nor by power but by Spirit says the Lord.”

Then Psalm 133 came to my mind. I thought about the precious oil that anoints the head of the priest. An abundance of oil, so much so that it flows down from the head, onto the beard and covers the garments of the priest. Can I ask, do you have such an anointing brothers and sisters? Do you long for it? Are you intimately connected to the source of such oil? Does it cover every part of you as it did the priest in the Psalm? As it was early in the morning that I was walking, I could see that even although it had been a hot day previously and was going to be a hot day, everything was dripping with a heavy dew and how refreshing for the grass of the field and everything that was planted and needed nourishment. This is how it it is likened in Psalm, ” Like the dew of Hermon that flows down the mountains of Zion : for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life forever more.”

Oh brothers and sisters I thought about that life, that life that is in me, that abundant life that overflows out of the abundance of my heart. Unless we are filled and we are overflowing then it cannot run down, it cannot be seen and be touched by others. Are you filled this day? Are you connected by Jesus on one side and the Holy Spirit on the other? Come and be filled today, right now. Draw near to the source, reach out to God this day that He may fill up your vessel, that He may anoint you for the day and the times to come. That you may indeed be a virgin with a lamp that shines and a be a vessel filled with oil. A song, a poem began to form and I rushed home to put pen to paper. I pray that it blesses you this day.

Fill me up and fill my cup
Fill every part of me
That I would be intimately connected
To the precious olive tree

Fill me with your Love o Lord
And fill me with your praise
That I may walk each day with you
And love would fill my days

Fill me with your mercy Lord
And humble me within
Fill me with forgiveness Lord
And wash away my sin

Fill the deepest parts of me
That no one else can fill
Wash me Lord and clean my hands
And take me up that Hill

Fill me with abundance Lord
That overflows my heart
Fill me with assurance Lord
That you will never part

Fill me now and evermore
To walk until I’m done
To run the race before me Lord
That you’ve already won

And as I take my dying breath
Fill me even then
Then raise me up and fill my cup
That I may praise again

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Shining like jewels in the darkness!

Posted by appolus on June 9, 2013

Brothers and sisters, Christ is coming back and He is coming soon. This world is judged, this country is judged and Christendom( everything that calls itself by the name of Christ but does not know Him) is judged. And so now we must flee, flee from Babylon and into the arms of Jesus. Just like Lot we must prepare to leave the comforts of Sodom. Just like the exiles, we must prepare to leave the comforts of Babylon

Just like our early brothers and sisters, we must prepare to leave Jerusalem for there is a fierce judgement coming, the final judgement. All attachments to this world must be broken even as we continue to go into this world for needs must. These judgements that we are in the midst of, these birth pangs are just the beginning and they are from the hand of God. Shall we resist the hand of God?

Resistance will not change the judgements to come. The arrogance of those who hate us will continue to rise. Shall we meet arrogance with arrogance? Shall we match their hatred and their violence, shall we render evil for evil? As our enemies gain ground they will become emboldened. They will have the world behind them and true and genuine Christianity will be pushed forward into the lime-light and all the world will hate us as we refuse to bow down to the gods of this world.

Yet brothers and sisters, be of good cheer for the Spirit of God will burn brighter in this generation than has ever been seen before. As the flood of darkness pours in, an incomprehensible darkness, then the light that is in us will shine brighter than ever before. The nobility of the Royal priesthood will be seen by all the world. Consider how one views diamonds in a Jewelers. The diamonds are set on black velvet so that the brilliance of the stones are illuminated against the blackness

As so it will be with the Lord’s own jewels. They will be seen against the backdrop of total darkness and they will shine like they have never shone before. The magnificent beauty of holiness will burn so brightly in the chests of every remnant child of God as they are led, all the day long, as lambs to the slaughter. And when their numbers are fulfilled, then shall come the King of Kings.

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