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ONE MORE SETTING SUN ( testimony of a former drunk)

Posted by appolus on June 21, 2013

Another night’s begun
But it’s just one more setting sun
Maybe whiskey can unlock the door?
And maybe I can feel once more?

Bottles gone and here I am
A tiny trickle in the shadow of a dam
Might as well throw punches at the moon
Cause there aint no tears flowing anytime soon

Time stands still in the middle of the night
When you drink yourself sober it just aint right
Reaching and grasping for something not there
And your mind drifts back to a childhood prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
Been many years since I could weep
If I should die before I wake
I’d leave no heart behind to break

O Lord I pray my soul to keep
I’m drowning Lord here in the deep
I pray the Lord my soul to take
To stop the pain and the heartache

I cried to the Lord in my despair
O Lord do you really care?
Then I saw me as clear as day
And cried to the Lord ” please look away”

I saw the pain that I had caused
I saw my sins and all my flaws
My heart lit up I could not hide
And something new was born inside

And suddenly the dam it broke
A heard a voice, the Lord He spoke
Come now my child walk in the light
A child of the day and not the might

And now I love the setting sun
I get on my knees and pray to the one
Who came into the darkness to set me free
Who shone His light that I might see.

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