A Call To The Remnant

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God’s called out children

Posted by appolus on March 22, 2013

I believe with all my heart that Gods remnant children are being raised up all over the world. They are being separated, like the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares. Many of them are in a sort of desert, not of their own choosing, but by the calling of God. In that desert they are learning to depend upon Him entirely so that when the time comes, persecution and so on, that even if none go with them, still they shall follow. Yet that does not change the fact that they have a sincere and genuine desire to have genuine fellowship with those of like-mind, meaning those who burn with a passion for the Lord and are hungry and thirsty for His presence and simply just cannot do business as usual anymore. This is the process of God calling His own. This is the process of counting the cost. Certainly, when the Lord was crucified, one would have to be found outside the walls in order to be identified with Him. To be outside the walls, to be detached from the system is not an easy or a simple thing, it comes with great cost and indeed if it did not it would not be the decision that it is. This calling is only going to get more intense as we move forward, as the day of the Lord approaches. Yet the Lord has called us to gather together, and all the more as we see that day approach and that is why I believe you will begin and are beginning to see a visible representation of these called out children.

4 Responses to “God’s called out children”

  1. It is quite true that there is a stirring in the hearts of people for something more, something is that is no explained by natural means. People are so in need of Jesus, I pray that this blog will lead you to pray for the United kingdom as we seek Him and everything that is to follow http://groundbreakers.tv/2013/03/23/the-passion/

    • appolus said

      HI brother, indeed. We were in Scotland for a couple of years in a row and then Wales. Great Britain is heavy upon our hearts as we know that according to stats, only 3% of the population now attend any kind of church. I think one could say that Britain and Europe is now post Christian. Indeed, a great falling away. Yet we believe that it is exactly because of this falling away and the times in which we live that we will see the rise of God’s remnant children. There is a separation of the sheep and goats going on………………bro Frank

  2. Bless you my friend. This is the fire that is starting to get released in the UK, we refuse to let people go without Christ! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HnrgDXfNqA0

    • appolus said

      Hey bro, God bless you for your passion. Have you ever read William Wilberforces book ” True Christianity.” It was a prophetic book written back in the late 1700s ( of course he is famous for the abolition of slavery) Anyway Jonothan, may the Lord bless you as you go forward in Him………………..bro Frank

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