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Will there be a Christian sell-out? Lets boycott the election and stand up for Jesus

Posted by appolus on April 23, 2012

It will be interesting to see how the Evangelical community responds to Governor Romney. The vast majority of Evangelicals consider Mormonism to be a cult and heretical. Will they vote for a heretic? Will they vote for , not only a cult member, but one of high standing within the cult? It seems clear to me that God is creating a set of circumstances to expose what truly lies in the hearts of those who call themselves Christians. For decades now the notion has been put forward, as a reason for being involved in politics, that we need more Christian men on Capitol Hill, we need a Christian man in the White-house. No where was this more clearly seen and heard than when President Bush was running and re-running for office. Now, where will all those arguments go? Will we be deafened by the silence of those whose true loyalty may lie in other places rather than in the Lord? Will we hear perhaps that “Mormonism is not really that bad, it may not even be a cult ( shush, no using the cult word for the next 6 months, it will make people very uncomfortable)

Lets speak plainly hear folks, Mormons deny the very deity of Christ, yes they say He is God, but a God, as you too could be if you do enough works. What about inter-racial marriage, what would Mr Romney say about that, or should we not ask? Is every tenet of the faith to be abandoned and noses to be held in order to vote for this man? Shall we simply roll out the ” lesser of two evils,” logic. The most persuasive one I have heard to date is the fact that he is pro-life, but, when he was trying to woo the voters in the north-east, he was more than a little quiet on the subject.

Brothers and sisters, the Lord is trying to teach America I believe, He is trying to reach them. Will you roll around in the mire that is politics? Will you enter this system that even the unsaved recognize as totally broken and corrupt and bought and paid for ? Will you , by participating, be participating in the perpetuation of something that is very ugly? Will you convince yourself that by accident of birth you dwell in a democracy therefore you must vote? Do we have a Scripture for that position? Listen brothers and sisters of America, I believe that the Lord is waiting, waiting on His people to come out of Babylon. There is a temple to be rebuilt, there are broken down walls, there are cities without walls. Will you stay and play in comfortable Babylon and be all wrapped up and entangled in the affairs of the world rather than be about the Lord’s business? I know that we must be in the world but must we be off it?

The Lord is waiting. Too long have we celebrated independence in this country when the very essence of our relationship is dependence. We are so self-sufficient, we believe that we have need of nothing, yet our hearts have become hard to the voice of God and His ways. The prophets of the world cry out to you through television and radio, men who have enriched themselves by leading Gods people astray. They convince you to be a part of a system that is rotten and corrupt to the core. They tell you that you must vote, that this election, just like all the others, is the most important one. It’s funny how the next election is always the most important one. And through all this God is waiting, He is warning, He is judging. He waits for His people who have committed adultery with the world to return to Him seeking Him with their whole hearts.

His heart is to rend the heavens and come down, to a hear a people, who would humble themselves and repent and turn from their wicked ways. Its time to stop seeking lovers who will give you what you want and seek the Lord your God with all of your heart. Perhaps if Christians would stand up and tell the world that we are boycotting this corrupt system and that we refuse to be part of it anymore, that this would be the trigger that would unite us under a banner of truth and begin to show the world a genuine expression of the Lord Jesus Christ? Brothers and sisters, come out of Babylon, boycott this coming election and let the little men know that we are no longer for sale. ……………. bro Frank

Interview with a Baptist pastor who now supports Govenor Romney  http://video.msnbc.msn.com/martin-bashir/47090111/#47090111

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12 Responses to “Will there be a Christian sell-out? Lets boycott the election and stand up for Jesus”

  1. W.E. Smith said

    A good word my brother. May the Lord lay this on the hearts of all those who are His yet mixed up with things that are not. I shared this some time ago, and by your grace, I will copy it here. It echoes with a loud amen what you have shared –

    How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him. (1 Kings 18:21 ESV)

    “If therefore ye have been raised with the Christ, seek the things which are above, where the Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God: have your mind on the things that are above, not on the things that are on the earth; for ye have died, and your life is hid with the Christ in God. When the Christ is manifested who is our life, then shall ye also be manifested with him in glory.” (Colossians 3:1-4)

    Dear beloved, if we have at any time gone to the Lord asking for more, for the real thing, for that fuller and deeper experience of the life of the Lord through His Spirit (however you wish to express this idea), and if you are sincere; if this is indeed rising up out of some deep and unsettled place in your heart – then you can expect that everything around you will begin to change, to take on a new color, to be revealed for what it is. Then you will inevitably ‘sense’ the Spirit prompting you to come out or to separate yourself from certain things.

    Out from what you ask?

    In short, out from anything and everything that is not of the Lord, that is less than His fullest desire. This could encompass relationships, associations, activities, ideas – quite generally, anything at all.

    And although there are general principles involved, this coming out, this separation, as it plays out in each of our lives, is a very personal and pressing matter. To follow the Lord, to be utterly for the Lord, is to expect that everything in your heart and life will be turned upside down and inside out. You will be asked to give up things (even normal and good things) that are perhaps unthinkable and impossible.

    The Lord, over time, will begin to show us where we are are mixed up and mixed in with things that can no longer be – quite usually religious things, christian things, church things, civil things, things having to do with who we are and where we came from and so forth. It is a very personal and cutting experience, and the Holy Spirit, with great gentleness and patience will undertake this like no teacher can. Typically, when the Lord prompts us to come out of something, to detach ourselves from something, it is at precisely the right time for us in our walk in Him. Sometimes things will be forcibly taken from us, and this is no doubt the hardest way this separation occurs. There is a shaking, there is violence and abruptness. The ground may seem to be shifting from under our feet. Yet even then the Lord knows what He is doing. This is by no means a strange thing, but merely an answer for our heart’s cry to be utterly for the Lord.

    I will give a personal example, and please do not interpret this as an injunction being laid on anyone else –

    Many years ago, the Spirit very gently conveyed to me that it was inappropriate for me to vote in civil elections or to support political parties of any kind. This took some time, as He started to show me the larger Kingdom principles involved. After I set this down, I felt this wonderful release, as I no longer felt compelled to take sides in political debates with friends and family. I remember the first time I expressed to someone that My Lord never chose the lesser of two evils, and I am darn sure He wouldn’t want me to either. (again – please do not reply responding to this issue, as it is only an example that I am using to illustrate a larger more important principle). Compromise, expediency, pragmatism – these are all very practical and important concepts in this fallen world of men and human government. Yet they have no place in the Kingdom of our Lord.

    Other separations where there is mixture and compromise are not so easy to detach ourselves from, and so we forestall, we resist, we begin to rationalize that it isn’t really that dangerous. The Lord then steps in and removes us (we get fired, we are falsely accused, we are betrayed, or we are dis-fellowshipped). There is confusion, regret, frustration on our part. We grow bitter perhaps, but again the general principle remains, that if we are to be utterly for the Lord, then we cannot be mixed in with anything else that He finds objectionable or contrary to His Nature and His Kingdom.

    When the Word enjoins us to “seek first the Kingdom of God” or the things that are above, we should expect that everything else that is not part of His Kingdom, must come under the dominion of His Spirit within us. The Lord may permit us to straddle two worlds for many years in fact, until He then asks us or forces us to choose one side or the other. My sense in the Spirit is that we are so very close to the culmination of this age, that this imperative will intensify in all of the lives of those who are truly seeking His heart in this time. We must be very sensitive to matters of conscience and spiritual prompting, and then we must obey. Pure and simple.

    The word from T. Austin-Sparks below (with emphasis added) compliments what is being expressed here. Be blessed my brethren. Pray for one another. Love the saints and all the brethren. Keep the faith. Hear Him and Follow Him alone in this dark hour!

    You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people. (1 Peter 2:9)

    “You are a holy nation,” a nation separated from this world unto God. New birth means that, oh, that that was made clear to all right there at the beginning how utter this thing is. The Lord Jesus left people in no doubt about this; a cleavage utter and absolute. He would take risks with people, you would probably say: “Oh, why put them off, why run the risk of offending them, why discourage them saying ‘except, except, except’ all the time?” Ah, He was taking all the risks necessary about this because the reality, the awful reality of this: you CANNOT, you cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven while you cling to this kingdom inimical to God, in any way…. How much the New Testament has to say about this, a walk in holiness that is separate unto God in heart, in spirit, in life, from this world. And if we knew it, a very large degree of our education, our spiritual education and our discipline in the Christian life under the hand of the HOLY Spirit, has to do with those things in us which are mixed up….

    The Lord calls for distinctiveness of life and testimony, real distinctiveness of life and testimony. Is our life, dear friends, is your life and my life in this world in our connections and associations and so on, quite distinct, no mistaking to what realm we belong, to Whom we belong? No mistaking it? Or are we mixed in, compromising, keeping on good terms with this world and its people under the devil’s hand? If so, we stand to lose terribly…. Is there something quite distinctive about our lives that says that man, that woman, that young man, that young woman is utter for God, there’s no doubt about it, you see it all the time, they are utter for God; they are not playing at things, there’s no compromise with them. Now this sounds hard, but it’s necessary. Do you see what’s involved? Dear friends, the secret of power is holiness! It is. The secret of power is holiness. If our lives are powerless it may be due to this lack somewhere, somehow, of this utterness for God, this separation unto God, of some kind of compromise somehow, somewhere, with the prince of this world who’s robbing us of our spiritual power and vitality on his own ground. The secret of power is holiness; whatever you forget, remember that! (TAS)

    How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him. (1 Kings 18:21 ESV)

    That word was never addressed to the unsaved. It was never intended for them. It is only rarely that the unsaved are in the position of two opinions. More often than not they are of no opinion. This is what the prophet really said to the people: “How long limp ye from one side to another?” He viewed them as lame, and lamed by uncertainty, lamed by indecision, paralyzed by an unsettled issue. Oh, how an unsettled issue does paralyze the life. Have a controversy with the Lord, an unsettled issue with the Lord, and your whole life is lamed, is paralyzed; you are limping first one way and then the other; there is no sense of stability about your way.

    So the prophet called for the issue to be settled. How long limp ye from one side to the other? Settle this issue one way or the other. If Jehovah be God, let Him have His place, His full rights; settle it once and for all. If Baal is god, well then let us be settled. But until that is done you are crippled, you are paralyzed, and the whole secret of your being in that weak, indefinite, unstable, uncertain place is that God is not having His full rights; there is a dividedness in your life, a dividedness in your own soul, because other interests and considerations are in view. The dividedness may be in your home life, where you have power, authority and influence, and you are not standing one hundred percent for the Lord’s interests there. It may be working in other directions, but wherever it is present the result is that deep down in your being you are not satisfied, you are not at rest. You may be busy, you may be occupied, you may be rushing hither and thither in the Lord’s name, but you know that deep down there is a lack, an uncertainty, an unsettled state; your spiritual life is limited and paralyzed. It will always be so until the issue is settled and God has His place in fullness in every part and relationship of your life. It is a question of zeal for the Lord, jealousy for the Lord.

    By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Zeal of the Lord – Chapter 2

  2. appolus said

    Amen brother, very well said…………….bro Frank

  3. cindy said

    Amen to these posts, this is what resonates in my spirit…

    Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues

  4. appolus said

    Amen Cindy, amen!! …………………bro Frank

  5. Allan Halton said

    Hi Frank:

    I much appreciated your word. I am Canadian, but the same principle applies wherever we live in the earth.

    I think you’ll find the following quote confirming:

    “Like the disciples of Jesus, many of God’s people are trying to pressure Jesus to get involved in the politics of the Kingdom, while He is concerned only about ‘righteousness.’ They would pressure Him to show them the way to the throne, the way to the presidency, how to get the right men in the supreme court– whereas He would seek to show them the way to the Cross. They want to know the steps of glory that would lead to Solomon’s throne of ivory; but He wants us to follow in His steps to Golgotha. He would have us continue praying, “Lord, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” George Warnock, Crowned With Oil

  6. appolus said

    Thank you brother Allan…………bro Frank

  7. timbob said

    Hi brother. I have been consciously unable to participate in the electoral process since 2002. In fact, it was goings on during the Bush years which caused me to re-examine some long-held positions.

    You hit on something that most are missing. This occultist, Mitt Rmoney, (whom i believe could be more dangerous than the current occupant) will force those who profess Christ as Savior, to choose a side. Either stay with the storylines of this world, or separate unto the lord Jesus.

    A few days ago, I was in the break room wherein a television has been tuned to CNN for as long as I have worked at AAM. They were broadcasting an interview with Joel osteen and he was bending over backwards to support Romney. (It’s easy to do when one doesn’t have a backbone)

    My prayer is that many of the slumbering brethren will wake up view the bigger picture. To stop placing confidence in a fallen world system or in any of its sectors, and look steadfastly to Jesus.

    It’s always a blessing to stop by here and read your latest postings. Thanks.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


    • appolus said

      First of all bro, the backbone comment made me laugh out loud. Secondly, you are exactly right. Will the American Christian lift his eyes from this world, from his best life now, and see a picture that spans the ages, from Adam to the anti-christ?. Lift up your eyes brothers and sisters and know that there is something unfolding. You will cast your vote for an occultist because you do not like a liberal!!! Is that how deeply entrenched the world is in your bones? Come out of that Babylonian system and vote for the Lord Jesus. Now is the time to be finished with this world for this world is almost finished. Put all your trust in the Lord, search Him out with your whole heart while He may yet be found, or, follow the pied piper as he leads you down a path , away from the oil that you need for your lamps. What is a lamp without oil worth? What is a religion without God? What is a local church without His presence? What was the Holy of Holies without the ark of the covenant? When that veil ripped in two while Jesus hung upon the cross, did it not expose the fact that the mercy seat was not there? And yet for 500 years the system of religion had carried on right up till Jesus’ time without an ark, without any mercy seat, going through the motions of deadness until they could not recognize the Son of God when He walked into that very Temple. And now, we, with the same blindness, going about our business, unaware of how the Lord has been departing, by stages, the churches, leaving behind an institution of works and politics and humanism. The mercy seat was at the foot of the cross. The Holy of Holies was outside the wall hanging on a tree. And the multitude missed it .Surely the Pharisees, the religious experts cannot be wrong? We have the temple, we have had it in one shape or fashion for 1000 years, we are special because we have it. Ah, but the Lord had just wept over Jerusalem. He knew that 1000 years of history can come crashing down in a moment and it did and the very center of all they held dear was torn down piece by piece. Can you hear the tear drops falling? The Lord weeps over this world right now as He wept over Jerusalem. Rejecting the Son of man leads to not one stone being left unturned and now everything that can be shaken will be shaken as the foundations of the world’s systems are brought down. Everything that man depends upon will be torn down, piece by piece, everything that they hold dear will slowly vanish before there eyes until suddenly He appears in the sky, but not before this world is left in ruins and tatters and the blood of the martyrs run deep in the street. Then suddenly they will see what they have rejected and fought against and there will be great weeping and gnashing. Yet even now it is not too late to turn. The Lord cries out, behold He stands at the door and knocks. He will yet be found by those who seek Him in the day-time, but the darkness approaches. Seek Him now while it is yet light, for he who inhabits the darkness approaches with great fury and will destroy without mercy.

      • Allan Halton said

        “Ah, but the Lord had just wept over Jerusalem. He knew that 1000 years of history can come crashing down in a moment and it did and the very center of all they held dear was torn down piece by piece.”

        Surely you’re not suggesting, Frank, that the same thing could happen to Christendom?

        …I know you are, and yes, it certainly could. Let us heed Jeremiah of old. He told them, “Trust ye not in lying words, saying, The temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD are these” (Jer. 7.4). In other words, it was God who ordered this temple to be built– surely you’re not suggesting He is going to have it torn down?

        But He did just that when He Himself ceased to be the centre of it all.

        He that hath an ear let him hear.

        • appolus said

          Amen brother Allan, I believe that you know what I am saying 🙂 Tough words but I believe the Spirit laid them upon my heart…………………bro Frank

  8. loopyloo305 said

    Personally, I can not vote for Romney and will stay at home if the choice is between him and Obama, but truthfully, I do not think that we will really be given a choice. Bear with me a moment. You are right in everything you said. There is just one thing left out of the equation, and that is Mr. Obama.Mr. Obama has made a choice to ignore the law anytime that he disagrees with and an I see him doing the same thing here.
    God let Israel fall more than once and we are arrogant if we think that it could not happen to us. We have been warned of the consequences and we have pretty much ignored His will. Many church’s are starting to get their act together, but it may be that it is too late. When we legalized killing babies and took God out of our schools and public places, and go along with those who want it hidden or done away with, we force God to take away whatever protection that we started this country with.
    Just personal beliefs here.

    • appolus said

      Sister, I believe that President Obama is a bit player in the drama that is unfolding before us. The Lord has called the people that are called after HIs name to humble themselves and repent and turn from their wicked ways and , obviously, seek Him with their whole hearts, and then, maybe then, He will hear from heaven and pour out His Spirit. Darkness is what it is, but when the light gets turned down, then that allows the darkness to come forward. The great falling away is the turning down of the light until all that is left is Gods remnant people. Thanks for the comment sister……….bro Frank

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