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Flee Babylon!

Posted by appolus on May 2, 2012

Will the American Christian lift his eyes from this world, from his best life now, and see a picture that spans the ages, from Adam to the anti-christ?. Lift up your eyes brothers and sisters and know that there is something unfolding. Will you cast your vote for an occultist because you are so entrenched in a system of the world? Is that how deeply entrenched the world is in your bones?

Come out of that Babylonian system and vote for the Lord Jesus. Now is the time to be finished with this world for this world is almost finished. Put all your trust in the Lord, search Him out with your whole heart while He may yet be found, or, follow the pied piper as he leads you down a path , away from the oil that you need for your lamps.

What is a lamp without oil worth? What is a religion without God? What is a local church without His presence? What was the Holy of Holies without the ark of the covenant? When that veil was ripped in two while Jesus hung upon the cross, did it not expose the fact that the mercy seat was not there? And yet for 500 years the system of religion had carried on right up till Jesus’ time without an ark, without any mercy seat, going through the motions of deadness until they could not recognize the Son of God when He walked into that very Temple. Do we now suffer from the same blindness, going about our business, unaware of how the Lord has been departing, by stages, the churches, leaving behind an institution of works and politics and humanism?

The mercy seat was at the foot of the cross. The Holy of Holies was outside the wall hanging on a tree. And the multitude missed it .Surely the Pharisees, the religious experts cannot be wrong? We have the temple, we have had it in one shape or fashion for 1000 years, we are special because we have it. Ah, but the Lord had just wept over Jerusalem. He knew that 1000 years of history can come crashing down in a moment and it did and the very center of all they held dear was torn down piece by piece.

Can you hear the tear drops falling? The Lord weeps over this world right now as He wept over Jerusalem. Rejecting the Son of man leads to not one stone being left unturned and now everything that can be shaken will be shaken as the foundations of the world’s systems are brought down. Everything that man depends upon will be torn down, piece by piece, everything that they hold dear will slowly vanish before their eyes until suddenly He appears in the sky, but not before this world is left in ruins and tatters and the blood of the martyrs run deep in the street.

Then suddenly they will see what they have rejected and fought against and there will be great weeping and gnashing. Yet even now it is not too late to turn. The Lord cries out, behold He stands at the door and knocks. He will yet be found by those who seek Him in the day-time, but the darkness approaches. Seek Him now while it is yet light, for he who inhabits the darkness approaches with great fury and will destroy without mercy……. bro Frank

The Lord our God, He lights our path
In the way that we must go
And the world is tossed by every wave
The wind it blows it to and fro

Stand up, stand up for Jesus
That is our clarion call
As the world begins to crumble
And the walls begin to fall

Why should we fear the darkness?
Why should we fear the light?
Wake up ye sleepy Christians
It’s time to stand and fight

We bear the armor of the Lord
Let’s step into the fray
Come now and fight while there’s still light
And walk while its yet day

For fast the night approaches
With murder in its hand
The gates of hell have come to see
That we no longer stand

And even though they spill our blood
And victory they will hail
And all around be darkness
The gates shall not prevail

For Christ in all His glory
Will come and fill the sky
You’ll hear the trumpet blowing
You’ll hear the angel cry

Behold the King of glory
He’s in His battle dress
And every knee on earth shall bow
And every tongue confess

Tha Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords
And He is King of kings
All glory to Emmanuel
Is what the angel sings

11 Responses to “Flee Babylon!”

  1. Amen!

  2. Tim Shey said

    So much of the church is immersed in Babylon. I call it churchy church churchianity. Satan has done an outstanding job infiltrating the churches in the past two thousand years.

    “BABYLON is the spiritual fabric of iniquity; the mystical great city of the great king of darkness; built in imitation of Zion, painted just like Zion, that it might be taken for Zion, and be worshipped there, instead of the true, eternal, ever living God, and King of Zion.”

    “And here, in this there is a great difference between the vessels of Zion, and the vessels of Babylon. The vessels of Zion, they are weak, earthen, foolish, contemptible to the eye of man’s wisdom, (which cannot look for any great matter of excellency there); but the treasure, the liquor of life in them, is precious. The vessels of Babylon make a great show, appear very holy, very heavenly, very zealous for God and Christ, and for the setting up of his church and ordinances all over the world. Thus they appear outside; but they are sepulchers; there is rottenness within. Under all this there lodges an unclean, an unsanctified heart; a heart unsubdued to the spirit and power of the gospel, while it makes such a great show of subjection and obedience to the letter.”

    –Isaac Penington

    “Babylon the Great”

    • appolus said

      Much of the church is immersed in Babylon Tim. When the opportunity arose for the exiles to return to Jerusalem after 70 years of judgment, only a remnant returned. It was easier to stya in comfortable Babylon, than it was to repair the walls and build the temple and be surrounded by enemies…………………..bro Frank

  3. Tim said

    Amen! and zion is that city Abraham looked for but never found. but we are in the days when we will become zion. I believe that is what this scripture in Malachi is talking about. Malachi 4: 5Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: 6And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse
    Our forefathers that great cloud of witnesses saw but never obtained we will obtain but only because of the foundation that has been laid, Jesus being the cornerstone. The ministry of Elijah will bring Gods people back to that heart for God that all the bible greats had and the hearts of the fathers will rejoice with the children because the day they have seen in faith and waited for is finally here.

  4. Karen said

    So many bells and whistles, this Babylon. Just soooo many who can resist. Surely we can mix a little of Satan’s goods to prove Jesus loves the world. I mean hey that’s what He died for right? The world. And surely Jesus knows we can’t compete in this world with all the bells and whistles it offers. I mean c’mon, how do we compete with Babylon to win souls to Jesus. Or more practically how do we compete with Hollywood. How do we compete with any of the entertainment industry. Or all the big attractions? When planning a vacation, where will I go with a Jesus Christ only option. What TV programs give me Jesus. Even the Christian programs sometimes leave me scratching my head or sometimes embarrass me. Everyone watches tv. There is good and bad in that too. I mean they show good winning over evil even in cartoons. Like especially in cartoons. Isn’t it legalism to be like all about Jesus, and heaven and so against the world. Like what if rappers are singing about Jesus and heavy metal heads, hip hop, country, bluegrass, rnb , rocknroll, classical etc. As long as Jesus is acknowledged what is the big deal. I mean seems to me if we are only about Jesus and against all the good, fun, exciting, cool, fascinating stuff we are just not real. Like we’re in a spiritual fantasy land. And doesn’t that make us paranoid. Nothing gives you a Jesus only option in this world not even church. Seriously, we can just taste the goods with the next guy except our humanity and realize it’s not so bad. Jesus is a lover surely He gets that right? I mean we’re here He is there what else are we supposed to do? Even the schools don’t want us preaching heaven, salvation through Christ alone, or read your Bible, and pray at home. Jesus doesn’t want us be so single minded does He?

    My heart ACHES.
    The battle is the Lord’s is my only consolation.
    My tears and prayers and His promises are my only hope.
    I will set my face torward Jesus only.This world IS NOT my home.
    I will acknowledge His power over Satan and sin when He cried “it is finished” and understand by His grace how only He could have accomplished that victory.
    I will NOT take His death lightly.
    I will acknowledge the time in YEARS it has taken to prove He is who He said He is and all that was and is and is to come will be.
    I will rejoice in that I am called out to partake of heaven and forsake the bells and whistles the world has to offer and protect His investment in me not only for my own soul but by His grace and love and mercy with all hope in living and praying to win those I love to a saving reality of Jesus Christ the LORD.
    I will not care about my reputation in mans eyes.
    I love the Saviour of all mankind and love those he gave to me enough to allow Him to prove Himself through me.
    I am willing to live for Him and Him alone even if it means I will stand alone and will expect to as proof of my Faith.
    I will cling to Faith.
    I will prove by life or by death Jesus Christ Is and Was and Is to come and will not dissapoint my Faith.
    My Faith is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness!!!
    Jesus NEVER fails.

    • appolus said

      Great post Karen, sister I hear your hearts cry in this response. There is a sizable remnant who have the same hearts cry, you are not alone. Amen to your post…………………………..bro Frank

    • Kay said

      Wow! Well said, Karen. I echo yours and Appolus’ sentiments this morning. This is the state of affairs but God has a remnant. He has known that Sin would result in these things. Praise God for His Blessed Sacrifice and the remnant of believers whom God will raise and is raising, as He did Christ, in due time. We MUST remain encouraged and stand in Christ (in ALL that He represents), in the midst of a sin-sick world “until that day.” Let us continue to encourage each other in the faith.

      A sister hid in Christ, Kay

  5. Rachel said

    Frank – what a powerful post and a much needed one .. I too feel this is the message – “repent for the kingdom is at hand” .. this message has been so corrupted by the church system and religion .. but when received as it was meant, it is the power of life. How we need God to redeem us out of this pit and He will … I feel that time is drawing very near.

    • appolus said

      Thank you Rachel, its a burning message, and I agree, the time is drawing near. I often tell people that even if the Lord was not coming back for 100 years, that this woul be a blink in history and that the Lord would raise up men and woman to cry ” wake up, the Groom is coming.” ……………………bro Frank

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