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We find our rest in thee

Posted by appolus on December 8, 2011

We were restless
Until we found our rest in thee
We were anxious
Until we glimpsed eternity

We were lost
Until you came to show the way
We were alone
Until you walked with us each day

We are fearful
Until we revel in your love
We are foolish
Until your wisdom flows in us

We were ungrateful
Until we gazed on Calvary
We were bound
Until you came to set us free

We were hopeless
Until we found our hope in thee
We were blind
Until you gave us light to see

We were afflicted
Until you heard your children’s cries
We were dead
Until you said to us ” arise! ”

We were hungry
Until you fed us from your hand
We were lost
Until you led us to the promised land

We are waiting
Until you come from heav’n above
We are praying
Until you crown us with your love

The Lord laid the thoughts above upon my heart, it mentions being restless, being anxious, being lost, being alone,fearful and foolish, ungrateful and being bound,hopeless and blind,afflicted and dead, hungry and lost, and finally, waiting and praying. Perhpas you can relate to some of these issues, perhaps you can relate to all of these issues? Perhaps for a moment today you can consider the gravity of your deliverence? Perhaps you can consider the fact that the Lord has impacted every single aspect of your existance? Perhaps, as you consider such thoughts, that the glory of the Lord will begin to rise in your spirit? Let us never forget the magnitude of Jesus in our lives, how He, and He alone shapes every aspect of it. Thank you today Lord, for such a deliverence……..brother Frank

7 Responses to “We find our rest in thee”

  1. Great post! Blessings!

  2. Nice poem Appolus.
    I was also wondering, have you ever did a page on the subject “wait of the Lord?” I would like to know you view on the subject. thx/jon

    • appolus said

      Hi Jon, boy, I had to look through many pieces and I have touched on waiting, in fact, most of what I write on the subject of the remnant truly has that theme of waiting. Yet, I have not written about it specifically. My view on waiting? 🙂 Boy, I have always hated waiting on anything, it goes against my very nature. Yet, as anyone who has walked with the Lord for any period of time will know, waiting is fundamental to our walk. Suprisingly enough, the Lord has His own agenda and time-frame 🙂 It requires faith to wait. It requires obedience to wait. It requires picking up our cross to wait. When we are in the midst of a trial, we often want to get out of it as quickly as possible, waiting seems like an agony, yet, wait we must if we are to mount up with wings as eagles. We must wait upon the Holy Spirit to move because we are His servants, He is not ours. So it seems that one must wait and pursue at the same time, which makes it such a difficult subject. When we pray, we must wait, when we sow seeds, we must wait. It effects every part of who we are. What do you think Jon? ……..bro Frank

  3. W.E. Smith said

    Yes, yes my brother I have been all those things, sometimes all at once lately. Your words remind us that our salvation, purchased at so dear a price to the Father and our Lord, is an every-present, ever-moving, ever-delivering salvation. As long as we are in this world, and in this body of flesh, we need to be saved at every moment. Help and comfort – salvation, deliverance, freedom, quickening – this is very working of the Spirit of the Son in us.

    For some strange reason, I started watching the classic movie Ben Hur just last night. There is a scene where Judah (C Heston) is parched with thirst, after walking for miles in the desert. Upon coming to Nazareth and a well to drink, his Roman captors will not allow him to have any water. So he crumbles into a heap to the dry and dusty earth. Then so tenderly a hand reaches down with a cup of water. The hand ever gingerly strokes his hair and pours the water on his head. Then He gives Judah some water to drink. This scene was done so wonderfully, as you never see the Lord’s face at all. Just a hand reaching down, giving life and hope.

    Brothers and sisters – “consider the gravity of your deliverance” indeed! And consider the depth of His love for each of us!

    Thank you my brother!


    • appolus said

      I thought about thirst as i was writing this poem, yet never found the words at the time brother. Good to speak with you this evening, I love the deep fellowship brother, God bless you………………..brother Frank

  4. appolus said

    For all those interested, brother Wayne can be found at Livingwalk which is on my blog-roll. I have very few people on my blog-roll. If you click on it , there you will find his site and where you can attain his latest book which is deeply prophetic. Thos who know anything about me will know that I would never make that statement lightly. This brother has undoubtedly been used powerfully by the Lord in the writing of this book………………………brother Frank

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