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A series of visions, final part- In the Fullness of Time

Posted by appolus on November 5, 2011

Then I began to hear the words “In the fullness of time” over and over. I again began to think of my nation and the man I had seen in the bed. I thought of the grief and the pain that I had felt over the state of my homeland. It was so godless and materialistic and I wondered when God would move in power to save, heal, deliver and transform. I wanted to see a true and deep transformation from the foundations up. I asked the Lord “How will this ever happen?” The task seemed so vast and the church was so weak, ill equipped and poorly organised. To me it seemed somewhat self-indulgent also. Then I became aware that there would be a movement of the Holy Spirit in this land and it would happen in the fullness of time.

 It was just revealed to be in that instant. Throughout all this I knew that whatever I needed to know would be revealed to me as and when I needed it to be. I asked the Lord again “How can it be done?” and I knew I was asking on behalf of the church. The Lord answered and His answer broke me further. He said “My Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you”. Then I knew how it would be conceived and how it would be birthed and I knew we must honour and revere and worship the Lord Jesus.. It was the Presence of the Lord Himself that had come upon Mary. This was the strategy for the whole of her mission and not just her pregnancy. What an example of true submission to the will of God she was to us. True submission to his plans and his divine strategy and not her own. I thought how critical it was more then ever to seek and know the Lords strategy in these days. It seemed to me we should be calling on Him for it. We, as God’s people, also had our part to play in this. There was a plan which God revealed and there were actions in obedience to hearing the voice of God in it all. The Presence of the Spirit of the Lord and the Power of the Most High. Jesus Himself was anointed for His ministry I knew that this anointing would be needed by the last days church. The anointing of power of the Holy Spirit.


We could learn from Mary, the Lord’s earthly mother. I was aware that he was talking of her simple acceptance of the Lords will and that she was a willing vessel for His life. I was aware that she had a choice and that she could have said no to the Lord when the angel appeared to her with her mission and calling. In receiving His Power and fullness we had to be totally willing and obedient. Mary had given up her plans for her life. I thought of how she could have had just a nice quiet life in the village and see herself though to old age. But she gave her life to the call of God ; as a vessel to bring the glory of God into the world in the person of Jesus. She had been an ark. She had carried the glory and the glory was birthed through her. She had thrown her life willingly into turmoil and uncertainty. She had risked her life and lived like a fugitive to see the Presence of God birthed into the world. She had fought through. She was such a young girl but showed such maturity and faith and I heard her words “Be it to me according to what you have said”. Then the Lord said to me. “Encourage my people. Lift up the arms of those who are weary in battle and tell them what I have said. It will come to pass but you must bring back the Ark. This is your part. You must desire My Presence above all else. You must call out for My Presence as never before. There are dark days that will come upon your land but be assured that I am at work. Know that I look to you My people. You are My Body.”. Then I knew that I had to tell leaders and the Body of Christ that He has not forgotten this land. He has not left this nation even though this nation had clearly left Him. He wanted His Presence to come back and it was His people that would bring it back.

I curled up like a ball on the floor in worship . I knew that Jesus must have the pre-eminence. Not just say the words but to truly welcome Him and let Him have His way. Now I saw His Supreme power and His mission. He became more than just my friend. He became this awesome force with intellect and a great and mighty plan and strategy. I knew we had to hear and know His strategy. We had to seek Him for every part of it. We had to welcome Him and honour Him and hear from Him as never before. It was a time to hear His plans and not follow our own will. Bringing His Presence, bringing back the Ark was vital to the life of the nation. Everything relating to the Ark; its life and power, its healing and restorative properties, its holiness and radiance, its divine influence, its glory; was wrapped up in the Person of the Holy Spirit. Then the Lord said “Welcome My Spirit. Welcome Him My people and welcome Him with ALL your hearts. He will build My church”.

Then I was again aware that Mary had said that it would be done according to His will and this was the key. Were we really following His way of things? Were we really calling on Him in repentance? Or were we just looking to Him to be blessed and treating Him as a passenger while we drove the car? I was aware that many churches would claim to be hearing from Him and yet this very often actually meant that they had decided what they wanted and their course and were not really hearing from Him. To actually truly hear from Him and do what He was saying was the key thing. The church had to do things His way and to hear from Him as to what to do. It was His will and He wanted to build; that was the key thing. I thought how the baby and what would be birthed would be deformed if we didn’t get His heart in it all. Surely the Lord would not allow the baby to be birthed until we were ready. Then I knew it was critical and incumbent upon us to be in step with the Holy Spirit. I thought whatever is going to be birthed has to be just like His Son. When Mary was obedient and did her part and waited and made herself available the results were worth it. All the pain that she had gone through. I thought about how she had moved around and was in danger for her life at times during the pregnancy but that the Holy Spirit was with her and led her all the way. What an example she was to us.

I was taken back to the dying man and then suddenly the Ark appeared and its radiance caused the demonic beings who had come for him to flee. The walls of the rooms disappeared as the glow of the Ark filled the place. It seemed to transcend all dimensions and cut across time and space in that moment. The dark forces simply could not stand in its presence. They screamed and recoiled and lifted their darkened arms to cover their faces from its presence. But I was able to stand in the Presence of the Ark and felt such authority. It was as if this Ark belonged to me. I was a Son of the Living God and it was mine by rights. I knew I was in the place of the church; the Body of Christ. It wasn’t just me but this was bigger than me. I was just symbolic of something deeper. This was the whole Body of Christ. It was all of us. I did not feel unworthy of the Ark in any way. I knew that I had been made worthy and been made ready. The lid of the box opened and I could see inside it was filled to the brim was something like water but with light emanating from it. As soon as the lid was removed this light filled the place. Then the Holy Spirit said to me “Take of the waters”. So I cupped my hands and dipped it into the waters. As I made contact with the waters my body was transformed. The radiance moved up my arms and then enveloped my whole body until I was bathed in this bubble of light. I gave the dying man a sip of the water and watched as his sick and dying features transformed before me until he became healthy and radiant and was able to jump up from the bed. Life had returned to him. It was a life transformed by the power of the Ark but it was more than one life. He was so full of joy at his healing and radiance surrounded him. He had looked so old but now he was so young and vigorous and full of life.

He represented my nation. The peoples of my nation. The lost and the sick, the poor and the dying. Peoples of all races. He represented every problem and every worry and concern of the peoples of this nation. He was the dying and decaying systems and structures that man had built that had been crumbling. The atmosphere of gloom and death had left the room and I knew that the balance of power had now shifted in the spirit realm as the words of what I only knew to be a Dylan Thomas poem now resounded in my ears over and over. It came with force and power “And death shall have no dominion……and death shall have no dominion”. He was alive again. He was born-again and given new hope and a new destiny. He was now destined to prosper. To live again. He was like George Bailey at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. He grabbed me with both hands on either side of my arms at the top near my shoulder and he looked at me with tears flowing from his now bright and penetrating eyes and said “We have been waiting for you to come. We knew you would. We knew you would not leave us. We knew you would find the way to us. We knew you would not fail. We knew that you would be raised up at the last hour and that you would come to us”. As he did this my form was transformed. I came outside myself and viewed myself changing as an onlooker. As he had transformed into many people in the blinking of an eye to represent all people I now became people I recognized as Christians. Every time I blinked there was someone else there. The first ones I recognized but as the each new person appeared I began to lose track of who they were. They were all colours, sexes and sizes and I knew these were the redeemed of the Lord. His church. The ones He was working through. It was not about me but about His Body and His Church together as one.

Then the Lord said to me;

“Tell my people; covenant yourselves to the Ark. Give your lives daily to bringing back the Ark. Desire the Ark. Yearn for the Ark. Seek the Ark. Ask for the Ark. Pray for the Ark. . Without me you can do nothing. I am the Ark. The Ark is me. The Ark is my Presence. Get down on your knees and call out to me for My Presence above all else. It will change your lives, it will change your towns and your cities, it will transform your young and your old. It will give back life. It will give back abundance and fruitfulness. It will bring back glory and honour to my Name. It has the power to change and make all things new. You will have Me when you seek Me with all your heart. Put aside your distractions and your worldly endeavours and call out in desperation for Me. You have not yet begun to call out for me but are still distracted by the affairs of this world and your own pursuits when your nation lies in ruins before you. My eyes look throughout the land to see whose hearts are fully committed. I see to the very heart and I know those who are half hearted in this pursuit. Some are putting no heart into it at all but save their hearts and their passion for things which mean nothing in My eyes. I see the hearts that are prideful and the hearts that are hardened. The Ark is for the lost and the ones I love who are not yet with you. I have prepared a banquet for them; for all of them. You will not choose but I will choose those who will banquet with you. You must seek the Ark. You must call out for Me as never before. The hour is late and the thief comes shortly but behold I will come and I will come sooner than you think. As you wait you must do your part. For it is in bringing back the Ark that my church will be raised up and you will be made ready to be the Bride whom I will receive”.

4 Responses to “A series of visions, final part- In the Fullness of Time”

  1. Allan H. said

    “Tell my people; covenant yourselves to the Ark. Give your lives daily to bringing back the Ark. Desire the Ark. Yearn for the Ark. Seek the Ark. Ask for the Ark. Pray for the Ark.”

    Once again, Frank, I much appreciated this, and I bear witness that this is the heart of things in this hour. In the Christian life and walk there is so much that we can get involved in. But where is the Ark? So many of the problems and difficulties we face, thing that seem insurmountable… they would melt like wax at the Presence of the Lord.

    We think of His Presence as that wonderful warmth that fills our hearts… and it is that, and we are thankful for that. But do we settle for that? What about that Presence that drives back the sea, and Jordan, and causes the mountains to skip like rams, and the little hills like lambs? What about that Presence that causes the earth to shake? “Tremble thou earth, at the Presence of the Lord…” (Ps. 114). What about that Presence that causes the brushwood to burn, and the waters to boil, and makes the nations tremble? (Isaiah 64).

    “O that Thou wouldst rend the heavens, that Thou wouldst come down…”

    • appolus said

      “What about that Presence that drives back the sea, and Jordan, and causes the mountains to skip like rams, and the little hills like lambs? What about that Presence that causes the earth to shake? “Tremble thou earth, at the Presence of the Lord…” (Ps. 114). What about that Presence that causes the brushwood to burn, and the waters to boil, and makes the nations tremble? (Isaiah 64). Oh praise the Lord brother, praise the Lord, I love your thoughts…………………..brother Frank

  2. Elizabeth said

    This is a most Precious and timely word.

    I have passed your web site on.

    Praise God ,.. And thank you Appolous.

    We surely need encouragement in this day.

    Bless your work there,

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