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Consider the Presence of God

Posted by appolus on November 10, 2011

When we think of the presence of God, do we not think of that wonder that fills our being, that makes our heart glow within us? The presence that takes us up, that bends us low, that makes us weep, that makes us rejoice. That presence in which we can barely lift our heads because the glory of His majesty has supernatural weight that prostrates all living things. That presence where we can hear angels sing ” Glory unto God in the highest.” Yes brothers and sisters, all that and more. We desire this, we have our being in this. Yet, there is also a presence that fills the temple with a cloud to where the priests could not even stand because of the glory. Could not stand because of the Glory. Could not stand because the ark had found it place in the temple.  When the presence of God enters the temple, Solomon, filled with that very presence, the Spirit of God, cries out ” Lord God of Israel, there is no God like thee in heaven above or on the earth beneath , who keepest covenant and mercy with thy servants , that walk before thee with all their heart.”

He further cries out ” Behold, the heavens and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee.” This is the presence that opens up the sea, that stops the roaring Jordan, that causes the walls of Jericho to fall. This presence causes the mountains to skip and the earth to shake. O mighty sea, what ails you that you fled? And you O Jordan, why were you driven back? O proud mountains and mighty sea and you o earth upon which we stand, you trembled in the presence of your Maker. O mighty mountains, when the presence of God rends the very heavens, you will flow down in His presence. And you o nations, when the fire of His wrath burns so that the waters boil, you will tremble in the presence of Glory. When He comes, the presence of the Lord is personal and beautiful and it stills the stormy seas. Yet, it is also terrible and awe-full, magnificent and terrifying. Who is like unto thee? For all the heavens that exist cannot contain you Father, you hold it in the palm of your hand.

(inspired by a comment posted that made me think of personal and the corporate presence of God)

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