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A series of visions, part three-The dying man

Posted by appolus on November 1, 2011

This is part three of a series of visions that my cousin had. We see below that the country of Great Britain is portrayed vividly as a dying man in his vision. I would extend that to the Western world. God is speaking to His servants all over the world in these days, and His message is the same. I pray that there will be ears to hear and eyes to see what the Spirit is telling and showing the remnant people……………………………

Clearly the approach to these ones was a critical strategic issue. Releasing them and not containing them was key. It would need the right balance. The inclination in the existing system would be to clone them or get them to conform to the way of things are as if this was right-way. I began to fear that the existing way of things would sanitize and seek to quash their violence for the Kingdom. To subdue it instead of harness is and channel it. The Body had to embrace it as a two-way relationship instead of just thinking; what we need to do now is get them on an Alpha course and get them to fit in. The Body had to learn from them. In their vision, their determination, their faith, their outlook, their resolve, their willingness to fight and die for the cause. These would be warriors and I feared that “church” people would just want to get them in the band. These would have the spirit of the lion in them. To tear at the powers of darkness and put Satan under their feet. They would be radical. What they would bring to the battle would not be measured in how many Bible verses they knew or whether their daddy was a well known preacher.

These ones would not want to “fit in” to a “church” way of things. They would want to be chandelle into Kingdom bringers and city-takers; but would there be any to meet them in the existing churches? Or just a group of “nice” folks. I began to raise that this is what I had met on the streets in my frantic run-around; nice folk but not distinct. Devoid of any great vision. Whilst the attitudes and behaviour and even the former lives of the rising army may cause offence and rejection within the Body, these people were critical to the cause of brining back the Ark. The tone of the eagle was so reassuring and yet authoritative. I thought of what it must be like to be church leader and have to think of so many issues in these days. How it would be challenging to know what God was doing. The bigger picture in it all and plotting the right course. What he said next sounded like a loving father speaking to his very own beloved child who was aware of the challenges his son faced and also knew his heart as he said “Do not fear. Learn to live by the wind of My Spirit”.

Then it I was though I was taken away as I saw this very thin and frail man as he lay on a hospital bed. I thought “What’s going on? Where am I?” I was in a room. A private room with a single bed and this sick and dying man in it. There was a sign above his bed saying “Nil by mouth.” I did not want to be there and I did not want it to be my responsibility. I felt helpless and vulnerable and without any power to do anything as he lay there. He was breathing deeply and clearly in chronic pain. It began to overwhelm me that this man was about to enter into eternity. The vastness of eternity opened up to me. I felt frightened for this man and wanted with all my heart to do something to help. The worst thing was that he began to reach out to me. He was so weak and feeble but he was summoning his last strength to reach to me. All these tubes and lines and things were attached to him. Machines at his bedside making sounds, some of which must have been ventilators as he was gasping for breathe all the time. I wanted to call for a nurse or doctor and get out of there as it was too distressing. But then this voice said “You can’t call anyone. He is your responsibility. There is no one else to call. You are the church. You are the answer. You are the cure”. Then I grabbed for the report at the bottom of the bed. Next to the patients name it said “The nation of Great Britain” but someone had inserted the words “not so” and so it now read; THE NATION OF NOT SO GREAT BRITAIN. The notes were hard to read but I could make out the words “Condition; CRITICAL”.

He represented my nation and he was full of pain. I could see the demonic intent of the cancer taking his life. It lived and had teeth and it had intent. It would take him and drag him away. I knew that they would soon come for him. There were those assigned to come. I could feel their presence enter as they began to wait at his bedside. They were assigned to take his spirit and drag it away. They laughed and chattered to one another as they waited expectantly. We were now waiting and I could feel death approaching. The others had paved the way and come first but now we awaited the entrance of the very spirit of Death himself. I knew he was going to enter and he was going to come and touch the forehead of the man. I just knew in my spirit like a premonition that he was going to mark his forehead with his fingerprint and say “This one is now mine”. I began to see ahead as his fingerprint left its mark on his forehead as my minds eye flashed-forward. This man needed salvation. I began to panic and plead with the Lord as time was running out and I could feel the presence of Death coming closer. “Please don’t let him die…..don’t let our nation die. Don’t let its peoples be lost. Let me do something. What can I do?” I was now crying and deeply upset. It overwhelmed me and as I became ever more panic stricken with the feelings of desperation which then caused me to grab at the Lords garments and pull at them as if for my own life. I was like a crazy man and couldn’t believe I was so overtaken by it all as some deeper force overtook me. There was nothing else more important. Everything had come to this point.

As I looked at the man in his bed his face transformed before me. Suddenly a new face appeared virtually every second in his place. Some were young, some were old, some men, some were women, some were children and some were black, brown, white and all different colours. I knew these were all the people of Britain. Rich and poor. Some despised, downtrodden and rejected. Some hated by the world. The ones the church liked to forget and pretend weren’t there. I saw illnesses and diseases of all sorts. For some reason I began to think of Princess Diana and knew how she struck such a chord with the public. She went to the AIDS victims and the untouchables. She had revealed something in us as humanity. Here was royalty touching the untouchable. It was a thought which did not leave me. It pointed me to Jesus and knew it was revealed to me for this purpose. This is what Jesus did. He was royalty but moved in all the dimensions that the Holy Spirit willed for Him and led Him in. He was the warrior; war-like in his attitude and mission to do the works of His Father, He was the confronter of church systems, the political systems, he was the rebel against the order of things, he defied the conventions, he was a king and yet he went to the poor and despised and rejected, he knew what it meant to be despised and rejected himself. He was the healer and yet he suffered on the Cross. He knew pain and hurt. He knew a lonely death. He knew what it felt like when people ran and left him. He was betrayed by his friends and those closest to him. These were the people of this nation and I was aware of that Jesus loved them all. As their faces flashed before me there were so many of them my desperation increased. Every time I blinked there was a new one but then they were gone as a new face appeared. It was one thing seeing one man but now seeing all these others; all the peoples that were represented, it was rammed home to me. I could feel that these were the loved ones of people and that they were loved by God. The emotions ran through me like a rush. I can’t explain it but in that moment I knew I was merely a representative of the church; of the Body of Christ and this was for more than just me. I was in it, but it was bigger than just me.

I knew that I (the church) had to be all things to all people but didn’t even know what this meant. It had something to do with being willing to reach absolutely everyone and not just saying it but doing it. It needed a new church with a real change of heart and different attitudes. In utter desperation I asked the Lord “What can we do?” and knew I was asking not just for myself but for the church. He looked at me and said; “Bring back the Ark”. I said “Yes Lord. Wherever you put me I will make it my life to bring back this Ark”. The desperation inside me to see this Ark brought back filled me as if it was our life work to bring back this Ark to the world. As soon as I said this I saw myself knelt before the Lord as he appeared before me. He had white robes on and was so holy. I kneeled there before him with my head bowed down. I was dressed as myself in jeans and casual. I looked up and He handed me a knife and said; “Will you covenant yourself to the Ark?” and then solemnity of it all hit me. It was like a sacred ceremony. I knew that this was a life’s mission and I knew what it meant for me. It meant give yourself totally and completely to God and to bringing His Presence to the world. It meant everything and would take everything. The seriousness of this began to overtake me. Talk was alright but this was giving up your life. My life was not my own. I knew in His tone He was saying “Make a choice”. I wanted to tell other people but I felt this might be backing out. The Lord knew my thoughts and said to me “You are the church. Do not look to others. Make your choice”. I placed the knife and knew that it needed to be at my wrist in order to cut this covenant. I remember thinking of my blood flowing down onto the ground and then said to myself “I will do it. I am willing to give my life for this so that your Presence will come and your glory will be shown so that the name of Jesus will be lifted up.” I was so eager by now as I wanted to make a difference with everything within me and it came naturally to me. I wanted to see my blood flow. The blade was sharp and the metal was highly polished as I put it on my wrist and sliced. But it did not cut. I sliced again and harder but it still did not cut. I looked up at the Lord and I remember seeing his arm pointing in the sleeved robes He was wearing as He said “Look”.

Suddenly an image opened up to us at the side of where we were. Like a portal to another scene of something going on elsewhere. I saw a ram struggling furiously to get free of some kind of dry thorn bush. It was indeed an image of something happening somewhere else but was brought into our realm just for that time so I could see it. I know what a ram looks like and could see the large wooden thorns and dry wood wrapped around its wool. It kicked and struggled with its hooves. The Lord spoke and said “He has paid the price. You do not have to give your life in death but I have seen that you are willing. I have seen your heart” and then before me the words “30 pieces of silver” appeared directly between the horns of the ram on its head. They were not printed on its head but seemed to float there and moved as he moved his head. This was like a ransom on the head of the ram. The Lord spoke again and said; “This is the price that man gave for the Son of Man” and then I knew that the ram was Jesus. He was talking about himself and then said “This is the price you gave for me” and as he did I was aware of my own sin and responsibility. I felt unworthy that I had betrayed the Son of Man. “How could I ever be forgiven for this?” I thought as I began to weep. The deep grief overwhelmed me as I cried as another image opened up before us. This time it was the cross and I saw it standing there. It was like it was there for me and I looked at it as it stood alone and with blood on it. I began to see images of Jesus on the cross and the pain that He went through. The grief and sorrow I felt was uncontrollable and I couldn’t take anymore as I saw His body bruised and cut. And then the Lord said “This is the price that the Son of Man paid for man. This is the price I paid for you. Offer Me your life as a living sacrifice. It is not your own. Covenant yourself to Me. I am the Ark and the Ark is the fullness of Me. I am the Law and the fulfillment of the Law”. I wondered if the church would take this message on board. To be willing to die and yet at the same time be willing to live and give your life as a living sacrifice. How many would be truly prepared to do this at such a deep level? Not just say the words and then follow their own agendas but to live for Him. This was beyond just going to church and doing the routine religious stuff. I had decided in my heart what I wanted. The Lord then said “To live can be harder than to die”.

2 Responses to “A series of visions, part three-The dying man”

  1. Rachel said

    These were incredible … thanks for posting. I truly enjoyed reading them .. in a way it resonates with what God has been teaching me lately. God is preparing a special people, who carry the spirit of God, to do a mighty work in a way unexpected on this earth.


    • appolus said

      Hi Rachel, yes, my spirit definately witnessed with them. I have one more part to publish which is also very good……………..brother Frank

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