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A series of visions , part 2

Posted by appolus on October 29, 2011

Suddenly the nation seemed barren and devoid of God without this Ark. It was all meaningless and I could feel it. I could feel the bareness in the spirit realm. It was like life was seeping out of its spirit. Then I knew that the city and the nation was a living force and its life was dying and this was ultimately connected to turning away from Christ. The peoples were making wrong choices and forces were at work at higher levels to kill the spiritual life. I began to see swirling dark gusts of wind in the air around the street. These moved and were  just above the heads of the peoples as they went about business. It was almost as if these were directing the peoples and influencing their movements. I felt like stopping people in the street as I walked about and saying to them; “Look, forget that….forget what you are doing…..we have to make sure this Ark gets here. It’s going to change everything. What we are facing is death. This Ark is life and its our future”. But they were lost in materialism and the affairs of their own lives and I became aware that I was in a battle with the forces controlling them. They were blinded.  This message was like something burning inside me that had to be shared still. I was looking for those who would join the fight to bring back the Ark. Those who would be fully committed to it. Those that would put the Ark first above their own ambitions and agendas. I knew by now in my spirit that there was a level of sacrifice involved in this that would mean laying down everything.

Then amongst the crowd I began to see people with red marks on their foreheads. They were highlighted to me amongst the masses. The red on their foreheads seemed to draw me and call out to me. It was like a dash of red paint but then I was made aware that these were people marked by the Lord. These were the redeemed ones and they were marked by His blood. It was this blood that was calling me in the spirit. I remember thinking in my heart that this was good news. I would go to these ones and tell them about what I had seen and to try to make them aware of the work that we needed to do. I scrambled through the crowds to get to some of them amongst the masses. Amidst the large busy crowds there were a number of them and as my head turned I caught glimpses of them as they went into shops and walked about. I selected out one and ran up to him and tried to explain very quickly what I had seen and what we had to do. It was concise . It lay down the cards clearly. I knew that something war-like was being stirred up in me and that this fire had to be met with fire. It should have evoked a response and yet from this one it got none. I was dumbfounded. He seemed to prefer to just go about his life and mind his own business. This passivity frustrated me.

Then I saw a couple also with the mark on them so I ran to them hoping for a different response. I told them the same thing and naively remember thinking that they would accept my words and take up the challenge. The woman just waited and then simply said “The Lord has given this to you but its not for us”. I remember thinking that this sounded like some kind of  rehearsed statement which seemed to be an excuse. I remember thinking in my mind “These people see something distasteful in the concept of fighting for something”. It was as if they had been programmed this way. But what had programmed them like this? I wondered if they had slipped into the comforts of church life and even considered that perhaps the existing church was partly responsible. I began to see the need for a new church. I wondered if there were those in the churches at the moment that felt like this also?

Perhaps new blood or a new breed had to emerge? I felt I would like to be one of the new breed. I remember being shocked at this couples spirit. What people say with their mouths is one thing and what you read in their spirit is another. I could read their spirits even aside from their words. It became like a living book in front of my eyes. They were essentially comfortable and settled with the status quo. I wondered whether, even though they carried the mark of Jesus on them and were born-again, that they too were being swayed by the powers around them. They too were being blinded by the powers of this world and swayed by them. Were they just happy to go to church and convince themselves they were different from the masses and yet were being controlled by the same demonic forces? Lured by comfort and the desires of the flesh or perhaps being conformed by their church structures and patterns. There seem to be no lion in them. Nothing warrior like was in them.

As I thought these things I saw Jesus on the cross and a spear striking His side. It cut through His flesh but by this time the water and blood had been separated. Then the Lord spoke to me and said “By this time my earthly body was truly dead.” I knew He was revealing this question to me. Was His Body now in the earth as represented by His church truly dead? Dead to the things of this world? Dead to the patterns of the flesh? Dead to its works? Dead to offence? Dead to everything of the flesh nature? Was I? Clearly I was not but I knew in my heart I wanted to be. I ran to others with the mark as I did not want to give up seeking those that would want to bring back the Ark. By now I was well aware that this was a deep call. Many would see it as a novel pursuit. I envisioned young people who would add zeal and endeavour and see the Ark as a noble cause. They might rally to the call initially. But who would stay the course and work through all the issues that might arise along the journey? I now saw this as a great quest. It was a life’s work. It was the great and fundamental cause of the time. It transcended everything. I thought of how much time we were wasting in our lives with trivial things when God was calling out to us and pleading with us to bring back the Ark. To bring back His Presence.

It was as if I had found my purpose in life. The Ark would only serve to lift up the name of Jesus. This is what the Presence of the Ark would do. The people of God would subdue their enemies and claim back their cities and nations with the Ark in their midst. But as I ran to others who had the mark of the blood I kept getting the same half hearted responses. Many knew the language of the Ark, they agreed with the need for the Ark and yet their level of commitment was so indecisive and shallow. It was as if they were happy to talk the language and surround themselves with the language and yet when the deeper questions were being asked they backed off. I wondered whether I should have tempered my words. Should I not speak so much of sacrifice and commitment? Had these become unfashionable words to those with the mark? Not commitment to a church or loyalty to a particular group of leader but to the wider and deeper cause. I thought “no”. I should speak as I had. With passion and from the heart and as led by the Holy Spirit. I told myself that I was not the problem. I had seen what I had seen and spoken as I was directed. It was a lack of commitment and sacrifice that I was exposing. I began to wonder where this army would come from. Where would the army of the Ark rise from? I wondered how many others with the mark of Jesus had gone astray in their hearts. I prayed that I had not. I examined myself.

I felt so angry with these people and was so discouraged that I fell on my knees and hung my head. I knew something in me had been activated. It had stirred me and I naively thought it would stir others too. But it hadn’t’t. I thought of all the talk that went on in churches and yet when it came to the critical thing, people seemed to be backing out. I wondered if they realized the depth of this thing and how critical it was? Whether to some it had just become like a game. Whether it was actually about the Kingdom of God to them or just about where they went on a Sunday. A place to leave their kids and hear a reassuring word. For others an arena for attention, to make a name for themselves and become the church celebrity. It all went through my head like a rush and I became so disillusioned. The blood and the water began to speak to me. I knew that this meant a separation. The water was a lighter substance than blood. I wondered whether there was now a separation going on in the Body of Christ? Was the Holy Spirit actually separating out some who would go to a deeper level in these days? A true army of consecrated disciples who would pay the price whatever the price.

As I did this I began to see all those who I had spoken with who had the mark of Jesus` blood on their forehead. I began to see their foreheads one by one in my vision as the mark of blood on their forehead changed. It transformed and the redness ebbed away and turned to water then just rolled down their foreheads. I had an assurance in my spirit that these ones still belonged to the Lord but when challenged with the deeper call they had shown their level of commitment to the cause. They had indeed made their choice. They may continue to speak the words of laying down their lives for the cause of the Presence, but they had not truly. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the water was symbolic of their commitment. It had not been added by Him but it was something that had come from them as humans which watered down the blood. They had not lost the mark of the blood but now something in them had been added to it which spoke of the level of commitment. I now saw that the Ark was vital to the Kingdom of God. It spoke of bringing His Kingdom. Many may see this as some kind of fun venture especially in charismatic circles where people are so easily swayed by emotionalism and fleshly hype. I wondered how many would be willing to lay down their lives? I questioned what the western church was producing? Mere fans of Christianity? I thought of brothers and sisters around the world who were probably, this day, dying for their commitment to the Ark. The “cruise ship”, self indulgent Christianity began to sicken me.

I decided to get up and continue looking for those who would join me, trying not to lose heart in it all and telling myself that I would find some who would receive this message. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and brought me to a halt as He said “There are others…..there is a remnant I have preserved…..but some are still to come in. These ones will be vital to the battle”. The revelation then hit me that there was a new church out there and the first fruits of it were coming forth. These ones were yet to come into the Kingdom. I knew that these would be a militant breed with the Kingdom of God set in their hearts. They were fixed on doing great things and would not want to be contained by church structures and systems. I began to see them rise up in a vision like an army. I saw armour being added to them with great haste as each individual part as described in Ephesians flew through the air and attach itself to them as if being divinely magnetized to each person. They were so focused and intent in their purpose. These were a Kingdom people and not a “church” people. They had a wider perspective than purely what was going on in individual churches. I then felt great hope rise up within me that these would be the salvation of the church as it now was. The “last days” warriors who would not be brought down to the level of church politics, personality battles and position seeking.

I suddenly became deeply aware that the Holy Spirit wanted to break the power of competition both within and between churches. At that moment I saw a man who the Holy Spirit revealed to me was a church leader. He seemed taken aback by the rising army  and I got the sense that he felt threatened by the uprising. His human instincts to contain and control were being challenged. Then a large eagle flew down and landed on his shoulder. It was like an American bald-eagle with a white head. It was so majestic and an awesome sight. The presence the eagle carried was true authority and wisdom. I was aware that he was a prophet and represented the true prophetic word. He whispered into the ear of the man “Embrace them. Do not be afraid of them. Welcome them. You will know the ones by their hearts. They will have hearts for My Kingdom”.

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