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A series of visions from 2009 , Part 1

Posted by appolus on October 27, 2011

Below is part one of a series of visions that my cousin had in 2009. As many know I am a conservative Pentecostal for lack of a better phrase. I have no connections to Charismatics or so called Charismania. There are so many claims from people about visions and propecies and so on and one has to exercise great discernment , especially in these days, when it comes to these matters. My spirit witnessed with what my cousin saw in his visions and what the Lord was showing him about the state of Britian and the West. My cousin’s father, who had now passed away, was my mothers brother. He was a Godly man and spent the better part of 30 years as a missionary in Pakistan. He shared that journey with his wife whom he met and married there. She is from Wales and is a very Godly woman. In fact, I visted her a couple of years ago when we had a revival conference in Moriah chapel, the very center of the Welsh revival at the turn of the 20th Century , she lives just a short distance away, in the village of Lougher. I will post the rest of my cousins vision in two more parts. ………………….

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