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From the Darkness of the Pit

Posted by appolus on October 11, 2011

This is one of the scariest poems I  ever published. It is so personal, it, like most poems, is a piece of who I am. I wrote it shortly after coming to Jesus. Before coming to the Lord i had never written a thing, let alone a poem. This poem descibes my journey through life , from a violent upbringing by a alcoholic father, to wandering in the desolation of drugs and alcohol for years, to finaly being rescued from the bottom of the bottomless pit. I met Jesus 21 years ago and I still remember the day and the hour. If one were serving a life sentence in solitary confinement, and suddenly they were released, they would remember that day forever!

My heart is shredded, it lies in pieces
Think, I must think
Here comes the hammer, it cannot miss
The blow, and now I shrink

The shrinking ends , I am no more
One chance to survive, I take it
And now I am no more
Only one choice , I thought, and I took it
And walked on through the door

The blows are coming now
But I feel a little less
Surely my heart grows stronger
Ah, but no caress

I now reside in this world of mine
And the blows keep raining down
Stronger , even stronger now
No more thinking, the sun has gone down

My heart, my heart, it is no more
It is completely encased in steel
My God, My God, Oh help me Lord
My God I cannot feel.

I look down in horror
No heart, no flesh , just bone
I look around in horror
My God, I’m all alone

Where is this place I thought I knew
It’s dark, it’s dimly lit
My God, My God, I’m almost at the bottom
Of the bottomless pit.

And in that moment, right where I was
My God He came to me
My son, my son, my son He cried
I have come to set you free.

Oh my God, Oh my Lord
Is it true, can I be free
Oh please dear Jesus, please dear God
Please don’t look on me

My son, my son, you are my son
And I will put you on the Rock
Be quiet now, be quiet son
Shh, do not talk

I have a Son, My only Son
He died upon a tree
He is My Son, He is your Lord
He’s the Rock that will set you free.

And so it was, and so it is
My Father took me in His Hand
Onward , ever upward
Out of the pit, into the Promised land

He set me on the Rock and I looked down
No longer a heart of steel
I could see and I could touch
I had flesh and I could feel

So come to the Rock, come to Christ
And He will set you free
If you will just open your eyes
He will let you see.

2 Responses to “From the Darkness of the Pit”

  1. Thanks for sharing this annointed moment, so real and raw, with us. That which God does, He does well!
    Blessings, grace and peace Brother

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