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The Pslams and Poetry 10-20

Posted by appolus on October 10, 2011

Here is the next ten Poems, 10-20, I am actually up to Psalm 86. The Lord asked me to write a poem for every Psalm. Here is a link for the first ten…………….  https://scottishwarriors.wordpress.com/2011/09/10/the-psalms-and-poetry/

Psalm 11………..

If the foundations be destroyed
What can the righteous do
For broad is the road that leads to hell
And the narrow road finds the few

And the enemy says to my soul
Fly like a bird in the night
For look, the wicked bend their bow
Now its time to take your flight

But I shall stand upon the Lord
In Him I shall put my trust
For His eyes are on the sons of men
For all shall return to dust

Fire and brimestone and a burning wind
Shall be their portion, be their lot
But the child of God shall stand that day
For by His blood they were bought

Psalm 12……….

Help oh Lord for the Godly man ceases
And the enemy pours in and breaks to pieces
The poor the afflicted and those who are needy
Are condemned by the vile, the wicked, the greedy

Now I will arise and deliver the poor
And deliver him safely through an open door
For my Word is like silver, tried and true
I will preserve them forever, though they be but few

Psalm 13…………

Oh Lord have you forgotton me
How long will you hide your face
My heart is sorrowful every day
Oh how I miss your embrace

My fears are dark and my sleep is death
Shall I never hear thy voice again
My soul longs to walk with thee
To hear once more the glorious refrain

But I have trusted oh Lord in your mercy
For you are the glorious one
I shall rejoice in salvation and sing to the Lord
And sing of God’s Holy Son

Psalm 14…………..

The fool has said in his heart
That there is no God
And is corrupt in all of his ways
All the workers of iniquity
They have no knowledge
And are fast running out of their days

The Lord looks down from heaven
Upon the children of men
And is dismayed by all of their ways
For they have all turned aside
There are none do good
And are fast running out of their days

And out of Zion salvation comes
The Lord sets HIs people free
And Jacob rejoices and Israel is saved
For this day they have longed to see

Psalm 15………

Who may come before your throne
And stand in that holy place
When I come there I am not alone
For in Christ I fall on my face

In Him I love when I’m reviled
And for evil I shed no tear
I come to you as a little child
And I tremble with Goldy fear.

Psalm 16….

In Your presence there is fullness of joy
And at your right hand, pleasures forevermore
Preserve me oh God, for in you shall I trust
And it is you that I worship and adore

Oh Lord you are my portion and my cup
Before you I fall as I lift you up
In the night seasons I know you are there
Despite the darkness, you hear my prayer

And now my flesh it rests in hope
And my heart is exceedingly glad
You are my right hand and cannot be moved
So I rejoice and cannot be sad

For saddness has given its way to joy
And in you I know I’m complete
The night has given way to the light of the day
Oh Lord I am found at your feet

Psalm 17………..

You have tested my heart
In the depths of the night
My transgressions are gone
From you they take flight
You have tried me oh Lord
Refined in your fire
I fell exceedingly low
But you lifted me higher
Under the shadow of your wings
I have taken my place
I hide myself in thee
As I gaze into your face
You arose and delivered
By your mighty sword
Strong is your right arm
In your presence and Word.

Psalm 18…..

I will call upon the Lord
Who is mighty to be praised
Though the pangs of death surround me
To Him my hands are raised

And when the Lord had heard my call
Into the darkness He did ride
On the wings of the wind He came to me
Thunder and lightenings were by His side

Hailstone and coals of fire rained down
And the enemy fell one by one
You heard me oh Lord in my calamitous state
And out of the fire stepped your Son

You have made my feet like the feet of the deer
You have set me upon a high place
You have enlarged my path and given me life
As I looked into your glorious face

Psalm 19……….

The soul is converted
And the simple made wise
The heart is rejoicing
There is light in our eyes

For the heavens declare
The glory of the Lord
There is no speech or language
Where this voice is not heard

What is sweeter than honey
More desirous than gold
What’s more precious than silver
The Gospel story told

Let the words of my mouth
And the meditations of my heart
Glorify the King of Kings
For we shall never be apart
Psalm 20…………

The battle belongs to the Lord
They are many and kicking up dust
In the day of trouble my enemy comes
In you alone will I place my trust

For the Lord our Saviour keeps His children
And in this fulfills their desire
In the field of battle the enemy falls
He ran into Gods furious fire

Who shall stand when our King comes forth
Mighty and glorious to fight
The enemy runs but there’s nowehere to hide
For He puts ten thousand to flight

So now is the time to bend your knee
And acknowledge the name above names
For the Lord is coming to judge the earth
Not by flood but surely by flames

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