A Call To The Remnant

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An Anthem to Freedom

Posted by appolus on June 24, 2010

Were you there when Jesus bled
Before the cross, in sins were dead
By your hand in Christ were led
On to victory
Now’s the day and now’s the hour
Stand with Christ and stand in power
He’s our Rock and strong High Tower
We’re free from slavery
So will you come and fight the fight
March in the day and not the night
We will send them all to flight
This will be our day
Free men march and free men die
And all proclaim our God on high
His glory fills the earth and sky
Come Lord soon we pray
In glorious majesty He reigns
He’s broken all our wretched chains
On Calvary He took  our pains
And death has lost its sting
Now Jesus come and take your place
We lift our eyes, we see your face
Our enemies we now give chase
We serve our glorious King
No longer slaves and dead in sin
New life arises from within
We sing to you a glorious hymn
Of joy and victory
We have arisen from the dead
And follow you who died and bled
And rose victoriously and said
No more slavery
Come now my children, come and see
You once were chained but now are free
Free to live and reign with me
Its time to wield the sword
Its the final day, the final hour
Rain down thy presence, a glorious shower
Its not by might nor any power
But by My Spirit says the Lord

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