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Posted by appolus on January 7, 2010


You must become temporary residents or travelers in this world.
We have put our roots down in a world that we are only passing
through, to the point that the culture has overtaken faith. 1 Peter 2:11.
Peter tells us to be aliens to this world and to abstain from fleshly
desires that war against us. What are these things that war against
us? The very culture of self that we live in today – from sexual
perversion to self-centered greed, to the attitude that we deserve
anything we want. This culture has brought down basic values and
destroyed the family in this nation. Just like Lot in Sodom, we have
grown so comfortable with the life it provides us we don’t even care
about the sin around us. We have adjusted our religion to fit the
culture.  We are at a point where nothing shocks us anymore, but
as long as we can keep our comforts it’s OK.  We love this world
and the things it affords us so much, we have missed the narrow
path and are trying to turn a deaf ear to the warnings of God for us to repent.

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