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Prayer Conference Call

Posted by appolus on January 18, 2010

Hi Guys. I know from experience and from the feedback that I have had from the many posts that there are a lot of lonely Christians out there for various reasons, many of which we have discussed on those posts. I just wanted to let you know that every Tuesday evening we have a prayer conference call. Saints from all over America and Canada come together and pray. The format is pretty simple. Someone leads out in a short little sermonette or teaching, for maybe ten minutes, then we pray. Now, you don’t have to pray, you can just listen, no one will even know that your on. You can press *1 and you are muted. Or you can pray or read out a Scripture. Here are the details of the call……7 PM Pacific Time. (8 PM Mountain, 9 PM Central, or 10 PM
Eastern) you can simply call this number: 1-218-339-2222 . And when
promoted enter this code: Pray or(7729 #) This will get you into the live prayer meeting where you can pray for revival. Call in 5 minutes
before the specified time.For those who would like to, you can call in early and praise God in prayer or in Scripture or both.Maybe you have never called in before, you do not have to pray or speak, you can just listen and be blessed……..Frank

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