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A vision…Harvest or Civil War

Posted by appolus on September 6, 2009

This post is the vision that the previous post made reference too. I would urge you to read this with care and lift up your eyes and see where we are right now. The distractions that we are in the middle of right now are part and parcel of a greater plan by the ant-christ to get the believers eyes of Jesus and onto the things of the world.  What war do you want to be a part of. I have added Scriptures to the end of this post to help you undersatnd what God says about these matters. Remember, this world changes constantly, but the Word of God never changes. No matter how pressing the issues seem to be, trust in God and His unchanging Word. God knew all of the circumstances down through the ages when He wrote His word, therefore we must follow the word of God . It may not always make sense but this narrow way finds only a few, be obedient to Him and do not be distracted by the “pressing issues ,” of the day and you will stay on the narrow path that leads right through the mountains and deep, deep valleys, but it also leads us through the harvest fields and home to Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »

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