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My Poems of Coming into His presence, trials, and dry times.

Posted by appolus on February 19, 2008

You are the inspiration of my life
When I laugh, it is because you have placed a joy deep within my soul
When I cry tears of joy and sadness
It is because you have created rivers in the desert
When I am thirsty in the place of testing
I fall upon the Rock and am engulfed
In the sweet flowing waters of life.


You are the inspiration of my life
When I laugh, it is because you have placed a joy deep within my soul
When I cry tears of joy and sadness
It is because you have created rivers in the desert
When I am thirsty in the place of testing
I fall upon the Rock and am engulfed
In the sweet flowing waters of life.

The sun rises majestically from behind ancient mountains. What a glorious
describable scene. What is indescribable is my glorious indescribable Jesus. He rises majestically and wondrously out of the sea of the world and the mountain of His presence touches the sky and the sky that He touches is cloudless and without trouble.

It looks down over a still and motionless sea. This sky, this sea is my heart warmed by the rising of the Son until it burns intensely into my soul and my flesh and changes everything. In this fire of His presence I am alive with a life that will never end. Oh glorious indescribable King, Oh Jesus.”


You made the sun and the moon
And all this with Love
You put the stars in the heavens
And the clouds high above

I see the mountains so high
They stand in your name
I see the birds in the sky
I hear them sing of your fame

Man praises man for painting these things
Yet it is because of God that the bird sings
Open your eyes and watch the dolphin dance upon the waves
Open your heart and know that our creator Jesus saves

Watch a baby crawl
Hear a man laugh and sing
See a mothers tears of anguish
And know that life is not a simple thing
To laugh, to cry, to feel, to see
I am truly amazed just to be

To hear, to touch, to breathe, to sigh
A walking miracle from the one on high.
As you live your lives no matter where
Dancing or crying, always be aware
Its better to have lived than not at all
For this is your chance to hear the Masters call.

Trying to describe coming into His presence, and then it slowly fading away until another day!

My reality is the presence of Jesus

Oh reality, why do you flee from me?
Forced into a world that is, yet is not to me
A world of pain, a world of joy in measure
Oh land that was and is and is to come

“Run, I said “Run,” but they do not run
Why wont you hide in the shadows of His wings?
But not just His wings, how I long to see His face
Not just the shadow, which is brighter than a thousand suns
That light which threatens to consume
All things are possible, and then darkness
Only a lingering, longing, oh reality
The knowledge of your inevitable leaving is hard to live with
One day I shall burst through this soil
I shall see the heavens where the rain comes from
I shall see the throne from where my infallible light does shine.


Give me a dream that I will surely cherish
Unless I walk in conformity
Grant me a vision that I may not perish
Or death shall overtake me

Give me your presence or give me death
One is , without the other anyway
From your lips may I feel the Spirits breath
Let this be the dawning of a different day

Let my spirit be consumed by the burning flame
This is life, all else is death
May I walk in your presence and never be the same
Let me follow you to the ends of the earth

This passion, this furnace, let the flame burn
Set my lukewarm spirit on fire
And I will fly where the eagles fly
And I will fly higher and higher


Love without ceasing
It has no end
Your my Lord and my Savior
My Master, my friend

I could travel to a distant planet
And I would find you there
I could sail the seven sea’s
And know that you are everywhere

The deepest depths, the Highest heights
No matter where I go
You are there in all your glory
And in your Spirit I must flow.

You are the Morning star, The rising sun
You set my heart ablaze
I can do nothing more but stand in awe
And sing of your glory and Grace

Your love is the fire in my heart
Your love is the consuming furnace of my soul
Forever my heart shall burn and glow in your majestic presence
I shall never forsake you, and from you I shall never part

You are the air that I breathe, every step that I take
Every thought , every act, every deed
You are the reason that I live, and shall forever more
There is simply nothing more that I need.

This poem was written in the midst of an chronic illness that was supposed to kill me.

I have been to a glorious land
That is far beyond what I had planned
Beyond this world and all it’s dreams
That lies in the shadow of His Holy wings

I followed Him and we took flight
And He carried me on beyond the night
Through a Vail of darkness , pain and fear
My sweet Jesus was oh so near

Majesty , glory, praise to our King
There are no words that I can sing
That would fully express what He is to me
As He carried me across a majestic sea

Mountainous waves rose up to fight
Yet in His hand I was held so tight
Farther, farther, farther along
In an ocean of praise , and on the wings of a song

He took me to the promised land
And I lay down in the palm of His Hand
At the top of the mountain, at the bottom of the sea
In the darkest dungeon, no matter, for I am free


These next two poems were written in the midst of some trials which all Christians face.

Can I walk upon this water
In the midst of this mighty sea
Surely I will stumble, surely I will drown
Oh Lord how can this be

The waves are high and the wind it howls
And the rain it lashes down
Yet you are there, I see you Lord
Now I know I shall not drown

Then the thunder roars and the lightening flashes
High above in the angry skies
Dark clouds rising, set on fire
To them do I lift my eyes

Heavier now the rain is falling
The noise so loud I cannot think
The lightening fractures the sky above
And my legs, they begin to sink

I look around , eyes wide with terror
As all this madness does unfold
I look once more, there , it’s Jesus
In the midst of the storm , standing bold

I am your peace when all hell breaks loose
Devils and demons flee
In the storm, in the night, when all breaks down
Remember , keep your eyes upon me.

Give me shelter from the storm
I’m so cold please keep me warm
Let me cry, cry upon
Cry upon your shoulder

Wipe these tears from upon my face
In your arms a warm embrace
Take me to that Holy place
To cry upon your shoulder

Give me strength when I am down
When there’s no-one else around
In your arms I shall be found
My head upon your shoulder

Oh sweet Jesus comfort me
For your love shall always be
I was bound but now I’m free
To cry upon your shoulder.


These next three poems were written in some of the “dry ,” periods of my life.

Through the window of my soul
I see that the drought continues
I am walking through a dry and dusty land
And my bones are indeed growing old

I am in the midst of the hottest summer
And the humidity has sapped my soul
I look out upon the horizon of my Spirit
The is not a cloud in sight

I shall stand upon the Holy mountain
And shout out to the Lord my God
I shall dash my idols on the Rock
And declare the wondrous works of the almighty

And from beyond the mountain , a cloud appears
Thick and heavy with the rain
I am totally dependent on the Lord
And I am drenched with His life once again

Silence In The Darkness

Only silence in the darkness
I lift my voice and cry
Has thou oh Lord forgotten me
If so, then I must die

Everyday I come before thee
And shout out to thee so loud
I offer sacrifice, my very life
And still I’m covered by a cloud

Lord how long will this continue
There is no-where left that I can go
I walk through the valley of dry bones
Where is the Spirit, in the river I must flow

Oh land of milk and honey
It seems that I have lost my way
Shall I forever wander in this desert
Let it not be oh Lord I pray

I shall come to the Rock of testing
And discover the meaning of grace
I cannot attain my own righteousness
Only the waters that flow from this place


I cannot see the road ahead
And yet I know it’s there
I cannot always feel your presence
Yet I continue in my prayer

You will never leave me Lord
This I know is true
The storm has come and done it’s worse
Now the sky above is blue

The sun is shining , the birds are singing
The tree’s sway gently in the breeze
And once again I found out that
I’ll find you on my knee’s

Thank you Lord for your presence
It is so sweet to me
I marvel at your love and Mercy
I’m so glad that your grace is free


Oh precious Lord I call on you
Call upon your Holy name
Oh precious Lord send your Spirit now
Come and light your Holy flame

Oh precious Lord in times of need
When there’s no-one else around
Oh precious Lord it seems like your not there
And there’s no help to be found

Oh precious Lord , will I never learn
Whether hills or depths of seas
That I will always find you Lord
When I get upon my knees

Oh precious Lord, I call on you
And exalt your Holy name
I praise you Lord and I worship you
And I praise your Holy flame

Oh precious Lord, I call on you
Call upon your Holy name
Yesterday , today , and forever Lord
You will always be the same

3 Responses to “My Poems of Coming into His presence, trials, and dry times.”

  1. faithwalk said

    Wonderful poem Frank, one that resonates within my spirit and heart.

    I keep coming here and intending to return and comment on the many posts you’ve written and hope to later on. There’s just so much good stuff to comment on. 🙂
    But I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, and love your heart, passion and vision for the Lord Jesus! It’s the beginning of another long work week so it may be a few days before I return to the wordpress community, but when I do, Scottish Warriors is at the top of my list!

    When you have time I’d like to know more about writing for sermon index; how it works, getting started etc.

    Blessings to you in Jesus love and grace Frank, may your heart ever burn brightly for our King!


  2. faithwalk said

    Make that poems, plural!
    Isn’t it something to ponder how one little letter makes such a difference?
    Sometimes it’s one little word, spoken or left unsaid, that can make the difference in another persons life.
    Or two, or three…

    I’m sorry,
    You’re forgiven
    I love you
    I miss you
    I appreciate you
    Thank you
    God loves you
    I care

    So much power, and life in that wonderful name above all names;

    Many blessings to you again brother, and thank you for sharing these treasures!


  3. appolus said

    Hi Susan. I appreciate the comments. I make spelling and grammer mistakes all the time, maybe its because I left school at 16 🙂 What kind of wor do you do Susan and how long of a work week is it ?

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