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When was the last time you were intimate with your Husband?

Posted by appolus on February 19, 2008

“Are you intimate with the Lord ? What does it mean to be intimate with Jesus? We, as husbands and wives, know what it means to be intimate with our spouses. If we did not come together “as one flesh,” then what would we be ? Roommates? Its the becoming one that truly makes us husbands and wives. Please do not mistake what I am saying, I am not talking about sex, although the act itself is part of the intimate equation. Yet, how many of us know that there can be sex without intimacy?”


Psa 24:3 Who shall go up into the hill of Jehovah? Or who shall stand in His holy place?
Psa 24:4 He who has clean hands and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul to vanity, and has not sworn deceitfully.
Psa 24:7 Lift up your heads, O gates; and be lifted up, O everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

Are you intimate with the Lord ? What does it mean to be intimate with Jesus? We, as husbands and wives, know what it means to be intimate with our spouses. If we did not come together “as one flesh,” then what would we be ? Roommates? Its the becoming one that truly makes us husbands and wives. Please do not mistake what I am saying, I am not talking about sex, although the act itself is part of the intimate equation. Yet, how many of us know that there can be sex without intimacy?

I believe that men, especially, seek for intimacy through sex. A mans need for intimacy may actually be greater than a woman’s although it is commonly thought of in reverse. And it is because of his desperate need for intimacy that he often tries to fill this void with sex, yet, as we know, God made man in His image and God said that it was very good.

God made man to fellowship with Him and to walk with Him. Israel is often referred to in the feminine. Indeed we see in Hosea that God looks at Israel as an unfaithful wife and Hosea’s life is a horrific example of our own infidelity towards God. The New Testament Church is also referred to as “The Bride of Christ.” We cannot get away from the fact that there is a husband and wife relationship between us and God, He is the Husband, we, men and all, are the bride. I believe that it is this concept that men truly struggle with.

One of the aspects of marriage and lovemaking is that of surrender and submission and this is in no way a negative statement. And so, if we as men are to be intimate with Jesus, then there must be submission and surrender, this is truly the key to a most intimate relationship with our God.

Too many men fail to realize that intimacy is proximity to God in our conscious mind and spirit.

If I travel home to visit Scotland, if am in a far of land, would it be possible for me to be intimate with my wife? No. Do I still have a wife? Of course. Now I hear you men say that God is everywhere and that we are always close to God.

Technically that is true, theologically that is true, that is surely an abstract truth that no one could argue with for God is surely omnipresent. Yet, let me ask you this, are you married to a technicality? Are you wedded to a theology? Is your relationship with Jesus an abstract truth? No, we are one with the person of Jesus. He is real, he is no mere philosophy.

If you do not experience this real relationship in which feelings are a vital part, then there will be no true motivation to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with God. If your Christianity rests solely upon doctrine, theology and abstract truth then it will not survive.

That is why it is not about keeping the law, for if it was you would surely fail, it is about submission and surrender which leads to intimacy and victory over the flesh. Its not about being good its about those who “walk in the Spirit.” Walking in the Spirit means walking in intimacy with God. Walking in the flesh is about walking outside of this intimacy. Rom 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

When we are walking outside of intimacy we are not walking in power but we are walking in defeat. Now, there will be levels of defeat and it will not always be apparent to those who see us from the outside, but we know ourselves and we know the innermost thoughts and what truly lies at the center of our hearts and of course the Lord knows.

And it is right there where the battle lies. Consider how precious and important David thought about this very subject after committing adultery and murder and being exposed by the prophet Nathan.

Psalm 51:Have mercy on me, O God, according to Your loving-kindness; according to the multitude of Your tender mercies, blot out my transgressions. Wash me completely from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I confess my transgressions; and my sin is ever before me.

Against You, You only, have I sinned, and done evil in Your sight; that You might be justified when You speak, and be clear when You judge. Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts; and in the hidden part You shall make me to know wisdom. Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which You have broken may rejoice. Hide Your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from Your presence, and take not Your Holy Spirit from me.Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

So we see that the principals of submission and surrender which leads to humility by David. He identifies the this truth ” You desire truth in the inward parts.” And also “Cast me not away from your presence oh Lord and take not your Holy Spirit from me.”

Let me ask you this day, do you feel “cast away,” from His presence? Does it feel like the Holy Spirit has been taken from you? Let me ask this question also, do you have “truth in the inward parts?” What is it that is keeping you from an intimate relationship with the Lord or being restored to an intimate relationship with the Lord? Whatever it is, is it worth it?

In John Chapter eleven is the familiar story of Lazarus being raised from the dead. There is not one part of this story that happened by accident. This would be one of the major authenticating miracles by Jesus. We know that Jesus could have saved Lazarus when the messenger brought word to him, He had done that before, distance was no obstacle to Jesus in the realm of the miraculous.

Also we know that Jesus very deliberately took His time to get there. He was only about a day and half away and yet He waited two whole days before even beginning His journey and as a result Lazarus had been dead about four days when Jesus finally arrived.

First of all He is confronted by Martha, and remember this was a special family whom Jesus loved much. Where was Mary? Did she stay behind because of the depth of her pain? Was this woman who loved to spend time with her Lord , more hurt because she had been so close to Him and now He had seemingly let her down in this , the darkest of times?

Martha says “If you had only been here my brother would not have died.” To this Jesus gives Martha a great revelation “I am the Resurrection and the Life! He who believes in Me, though he die, yet he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this? ” Jesus asks Martha to confirm that she believe this.

When Mary finally comes and makes the same accusation to Jesus , at His feet, a familiar place to her, Jesus says nothing but “He weeps.” How sad for the Lord that even those closest to Him, those who loved Him with such depth, could , in effect, accuse Him of not caring.

Have you ever made a similar accusation to Jesus? I know I have, oh precious Lord forgive me. May all the tears I shed at your feet be tears of love and devotion and faith, may it always be so Lord. If we truly believe in the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and the lover of our souls should we not refrain from putting that which is most precious to us behind a great stone.

Have we locked away that most intimate part of us? Has that what is most precious to us, and most precious to our Lord, been buried behind a great stone of disappointment or sin? Has the garden of our hearts, the most intimate place become a grave, a place of death and darkness? Have we robed ourselves in death clothes ? Have we covered up painful unrealized expectations in layers of flesh, in layers of death?

If Mary and Martha truly believed in their Lord, in Him who is the resurrection and the life , would they have buried their brother? Yes, but what would people say if they did not, does not common sense and prevailing wisdom tell them that their brother would simply decay? Do you truly believe in all that the Lord has promised?

What have you placed in the grave of your heart? What great stone blocks out the light in your life? Are you tired of dwelling in that place of death? Is there not a longing to come into the glorious light of life?Will you not have this stone roll away and be joined to the Lord of Hosts in all His glory?

Can you hear Him call? Today He is calling out to you, His heart is a heart that longs to be intimate with yours and as long as it dwells behind the stone it cannot be so. He is calling today “Roll the Stone Away!” Can you hear Him call to you ? Deep calls out to deep. He cries “Come forth and live” Will you let the stone be rolled away today?

There was a time that I lay dying on the bloody battlefield of life. I was broken and mortally wounded. Life and all its many trials had injured me, so much so that I could not move. How many ladies have dreamt of their prince charming , their knight in shining armor and how many of us know that the world kinda laughs at this notion.

As a man, I am not ashamed to say that Jesus is my knight in shining armor. As I lay there on the battlefield of life, mortally wounded, out of the mist and smoke of the battle there came the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords on a white horse. Very deliberately the horse comes towards me.

Jesus dismounts and picks me up and puts me on the back of His horse and He mounts up and He takes me from that place of death. And suddenly my meaningless life has meaning. For the first time in my life I had worth.May I always be found weeping with gratitude and love at the feet of my Jesus.

Brothers and sisters, let us do our all that He may create in us a clean heart and that we may not be cast away from His presence. Let the Holy Spirit of intimacy be restored to us this day that we may walk in the beauty of Holiness
Psa 24:8 Who is this King of glory? Jehovah strong and mighty, Jehovah mighty in battle.
Psa 24:10 Who is this King of glory? Jehovah of Hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah.

When hell, engaged lifts up her roar,
When Satan stops my path before,
When fiends rejoice and wait my end,
When legion’d hosts their arrows send,
Fear not, my soul, but hurl at hell
Thy battle-cry- Immanuel !

5 Responses to “When was the last time you were intimate with your Husband?”

  1. Brenda said

    Wow.. I read this again today and it was as if the pain of my heart was described there in that article. Things I havent been able to put in words were there!..
    How I have ” covered up painful unrealized expectations in layers of flesh, in layers of death?” I’m in the process of needing a resurecting heart and into searching for the courage of experiencing emotions again. The Lord is very very sensitive and sometimes in order to “protect” ourselves we wound him too.. like Mary´s accusations we just assume that He is not there.. One day, I will share my resurrected’s heart testimony…

  2. appolus said

    Hi Brenda…Heaven is not for the fainthearted. If fear will rob us of an abundant life in Christ, then Jesus will point us in the direction of fear and will lead us into the very midst of the battle. Jacob discovered that it can be a long weary rode, the road of fear , the road of isolation. And after many years of running from his fears(and all along the Lord blessed him because He loved him) finally Jacob finds himself alone with perhaps his greatest fears. He tried to appease his “enemy,”, he tried to compromise and all was sent back without explanation. All he knew was that his brother was riding towards him with 400 men. All night long he wrestled and would have run again but the Lord put out his hip. Jacobs running days were finally over and he was made to face his fear and he overcame. I do not know why you have retreated into your heart but perhaps you do and the Lord certainly knows. He will take you out of that place with your co-operation. It will take courage and a willingness to speak or act when He directs, if you do, thn you will find that warm place in the Son and life will begin anew………..Frank

  3. micey said

    well this is the third thing I’ve read today that spoke to me about the fact that maybe I have doubt about the Lord being able to change me into the person He wants me to be… By expressing feelings of being to bad to love I am in fact saying He is incapable… I am praying for Him to grant me repentance from all the arrogance I still have in my heart… thanks Frank! And thanks to my Father for showing me these things…

  4. appolus said

    Hi Micey.. A couple of things. Number one, your not arrogant. Number two, your certainly not too bad, and the most importnat thing of all, you are already redeemed. You are already loved and you are already forgiven. Remember Micey, when Jesus died on that cross just for you, what your Father in heaven was saying was, yes, she is that important. So, your not saying He is incapable, because He has already done it, it is finished. What you do have to do is accept it. Accept your worth. You are priceless because of what He did, there could be no price put on it. Please remember that you still have an enemy of your soul, an accuser who will whisper into your ear that you are not loveable. Here is the good news of course, He that is in you is greater than he that accuses you(he that is in the world) The truth is that Mary believed in Jesus, as did Martha, but they had a limited view of who He was and what He could do. Jesus is going to change you completely. That which appeared dead to all on the outside, someone that the world may have written of, has been re-born, life from death, that is you Micey.

    Phi 1:6 “He that has begun a good work in you will perform it untl the day of the Lord.” He is faithful to complete the work that He has started in you Micey. If you get anything out of this reply, know that you are priceless in your Fathers eye. You are the apple of His eye and He loves you and as you yield your life over to Him, piece by piece, then you wll change. Be bold sister, when you hear that small still voice saying “smile at that stranger,” go ahead and do it whether you feel like it or not. Learn to hear His voice in your thoughts and acknowledge Him wherever you are and He will direct you and change you……….Frank

  5. CK said

    Thank you for this wonderful article!
    7 years and 9 months after you posted it, it becomes ALIVE for me to read TODAY!!

    Truth always has a way of finding it’s target, and time can’t prevent it!
    Why? Because JESUS CHRIST is the WAY, the TRUTH and LIFE!!

    Recently I’ve been thinking how a married couple’s relationship reflects one’s INTIMATE relationship with FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT. Any broken marriage relationship then reflects the same in the spiritual?

    And when there is no intimacy, there is no joy and life begins to seep away.
    Next stop, DEPRESSION!

    Why so many people on anti-depressants? Because of failed or failing intimate relationships.
    And through personal experience, I’ve learnt that depression builds a barrier between yourself and God! There is no room for intimacy for HIM because of a deadness and stench that prevents you from wanting Him to draw close.

    But Praise the Lord, Jesus drew close to the tomb of a buried and already decaying, beloved friend of His AND He called him out, back to life from death!!

    What HOPE.
    What A FRIEND
    What A LOVER of MY SOUL
    Who loves me back to life.

    Thank you for food your blog feeds to the Remnant.

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