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A great noise in Christendom-Time for silence

Posted by appolus on August 18, 2013

God is longing to speak to His people but the modern day church, Christendom, is like a bustling city where everyone is going there own way, rushing to and fro, distracted and self focussed.

This shrill noise of music that directs and moves people, the beat being increased as the people seemed to be moved is merely a reflection of the power of any music and not the presence nor the worship of God. It is God’s presence that moves us in the realm of the spirit. Worldly music, including almost all of what passes for worship today, moves in the realm of the soul. The soul is immense and can never be filled with anything apart from God, everything else will leave you wanting.

We need to encounter something bigger than all that exists, and only God, and God alone can do that. So, why does the modern church settle for something less than God and choose to stay within the realms of the soul? It does not want to sacrifice to come into the holy of Holies. It is the Cain spirit. They will give the product of their own efforts and count this as sacrifice but God will have none of it. It remains outisde in the court of the gentiles, so close, but yet so far away. God dwells in a high and lofty place but He beckons to us to come, He beckons to the humble and the contrite and they come to where He is and they dwell there.

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