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The weight of His glory

Posted by appolus on July 18, 2013

Dear sister Lynn writes……………..”truly the weight of his glory was there, and he among us. I can not express just how precious the whole three days were, some very special brothers and sisters drawn together. Blessings, lynn ” This comment is from a dear sister who attended our remnant meetings last weekend.

I would say this would sum up our meetings very well. The weight of His glory fell upon us. From the beautiful still silence of His rest arose a symphony of praise to our God. His presence fell upon us like the dew of Hermon that fell upon the mount of Zion. And just as the Lord commanded the blessing, we found life, abundant life in the river of God that flows from His High and lofty place. There is much noise in the land brothers and sister. There is much professional worship that makes a great noise. In the world’s eyes it sounds great and is somewhat familiar to their ears because much of it is fashioned after the music of the world. It is designed to entertain. Yet, can I suggest, that if the Lord does not inhabit it then it is merely noise and it actually drowns out the small still voice that would whisper to us ” He is beautiful beyond description, to marvelous for words, to wonderful for comprehension, like nothing ever seen or heard, who could grasp His infinite wisdom, who could fathom the depths of His love. He is beautiful beyond description, majesty enthrones above.”

As God gathers His people together, a hush will fall upon their hearts. They will catch their breaths as the King of glory comes in, comes in in all of His fullness. As He begins to flood the dry creek beds with a mighty rushing river then the saints will begin to rise up and minister in the overflow of His presence. There is a fresh wind beginning to blow in the hearts of Gods saints. There is a fountain rising in their hearts. And the source of this fountain is God Himself in all of His majestic glory. And out of this river flows an everlasting abundant love. It fills us with light and this light is the life of men. Look unto God and see what it truly means to live an abundant life in Christ.

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