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Love Eternally

Posted by appolus on December 29, 2011

The eternal love of God is without limit. Oh the beauty of such a love for such a one as me. Have you tasted of this love? Have you closed your eyes and reached out and grasped a piece of eternity? Have you experienced something of the vastness of God? He wants to be known. He wants us to know the breadth and the length and the depth of His love. To know that which passes knowledge cannot be learned, its a revelation, an illumination by the Spirit of God. That we, so small and so frail and so insignificant, can be filled by something so vast that it renders the word vast obsolete. Its other-worldly words we need. This is the riches of His glory. Come all ye men, paupers and kings, all paupers and know the riches of His glory. He has called you to this.

Oh love without ending
As vast as the sea
Oh mercy divine
Forever it will be

Oh infinite grace
It has no end
Eternal redemption
The heavens you’ll rend

And all these flow down
From a mountain so high
That it reaches the heavens
And bursts through the sky

When I survey
The heavens above
I’m awed by the vastness
I’m awed by your love

One day i’ll stand
On eternities shore
How vast is your love?
I’ll guess no more

Only then I’ll know
How vast is the sea
Only then I’ll know
Love eternally

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