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Some thoughts on Asbury.

Posted by appolus on February 16, 2023

5 Responses to “Some thoughts on Asbury.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Thank be of much for that..right there with you..you just expressed what I could not..you just told my story…my cousin just sent this to me from Missouri and she too longs for that..she is the one who turned me on to your testimony…thank you Rebecca..Thank you Frank..

  2. Rebecca said

    My heart aches for revival … as I study the churches in Revelation my heart aches … I desire a true outpouring from God above while my heart aches. I discovered the first Asbury revival and now to see it repeated, among those hungry God seeking young people, my heart is blessed yet it still aches.
    I’d like to see it here … I’d like to see the busy programing put to rest and a real cry go forth to the throne. There is a sign near the exit at the church I attend that says, “now entering the mission field.” I so long that people would open blind eyes to see that sign … to see that the darkness is permeating every part of this world. All the while people are too comfortable in the pews …
    What are the righteous to do when the foundations are destroyed? I think of Jesus ‘s lament , “will the son of man find faith when He returns?” I pray for courage to stand and then I pray for mercy and grace … I pray for the church of the living God to arise. Pray Pray Pray … persistent prayer before the throne in a repentant Daniel like spirit is needed.
    God is still on the throne and His promises are all yes and amen. We have been called to the harvest field. Send me dear Lord … send others too … help us to stand in the gap that is ever so wide … and getting wider. Reading God’s lament in Ezekiel breaks my heart. (22:30) I am also sick of pretense … let the church of Jesus Christ rise up to stand in the gap! Rebecca

    • appolus said

      Amen sister amen. I’m afraid tge clergy class won’t allow it, they may find themselves out of a job but part of the actual, functioning Body of Christ.

  3. Nina said

    They won’t even allow in the media. Apparently, Fox News (Tucker Carlson) was going to go to Asbury with a camera crew but they contacted Fox and asked them to stay away that they didn’t want this to become a political or social and they weren’t allowing in any kind of television camera crews to publicize this.

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