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A disaster has befallen us (abortion)

Posted by appolus on March 29, 2022

2 Responses to “A disaster has befallen us (abortion)”

  1. Anonymous said

    Amen…thank you…the big elephant in the sky everywhere..please Lord forgive mankind as they repent from this awful abomination in Jesus name…

  2. Rover Radar said

    Good Morning,
    I am praying for the protection of all the unborn, and those just born (pleading the Blood of Jesus, over every one of them), subjected to infanticide bills in Maryland, California, and other states that have followed New York and Virginia, in passing this bill – thereby opening the door to the curse of murder. That the Lord will deal accordingly with every individual and entity involved in consenting to the legislation and passing of this bill. Early this morning, I was led to read Ezekiel 24. God always, and richly bless you!

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