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The power of Christ Himself rests upon me.

Posted by appolus on July 10, 2021

I have often thought that the best of Christians are found in the worst of times. And I have thought again, that one reason why we are no better is because God purges us no more. I know that these things go against the grain of the flesh but they are not against the graces of the Spirit (Bunyan)

Brother John here speaks of something I have long since argued. The Body of Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. How can the Body not be the Body? What do we saints lack today to our disadvantage? Opportunity. Opportunity to suffer for the cause of Christ and it does not help us that we find ourselves in such a situation at least here in the west. It is to our severe detriment. What, in the natural, causes hunger and thirst and atrophy, paradoxically in the Spirit causes the Body to be full and to be strong and vital. When we are weak then we are strong, strong in the Lord and the power of His might. He is glorified in our infirmities. We have a good testimony if we bear the marks of persecution with joy and gladness.

Paul says that if he would glory in anything, he would glory in his infirmities. He goes even further and says that he takes pleasure in his infirmities in 11 Cor 12:10. Now why would he say such a thing? In verse nine lies the key not just for Paul but for you and I. God had spoken to Him in the midst of his afflictions and infirmities and Jesus Himself says to Paul “My grace is sufficient for you for (because) My strength is made perfect in (your) weakness.” This is beyond paradoxical, this truth lies at the heart of the Kingdom walk and turns the world upside down. When Paul walks in such a way, the very power of Christ rests upon him. What kind of power is this that transforms the weakness of man into the power of God? The enemy of our soul is altogether rendered powerless in regard to the saints in this matter. For the more horror and darkness that he rains down on the saint of God, the greater the revelation of Christ to the world.

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