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Unchangeable and untainted righteousness.

Posted by appolus on July 2, 2021

Whosoever finds in the contemplation of God’s love, rest and peace and joy only, should carefully scrutinize his feelings lest they be excited by an erroneous view of the Eternal Majesty ; representing Him as being actuated by a mere tender affection melting into compassion. Stretching forth His hand only at an impulse of pity, that guilty men may cease to fear, and take to themselves rest ; as if His eyes looked not upon their guiltiness. The Eternal is not a being of mere emotion, but of unchangeable and untainted righteousness, and there is a law which all the universe knows “the pure in heart alone can see God,” -and the eye must behold Him, glorious in holiness, to measure in any way the depths of His love (William Carey 1827)

That my friends is totally profound. It is worth reading a few times over. What our brother is saying is that only the eye that has beheld His glory, the glory of His holiness, can rightly speak to the depths of His love. For within the depths of His love lies grace and majesty and glory and justice. Isaiah glimpses the majesty of God and falls down upon his face as one who is dead and cries out “woe is me…..I am undone.” Yet, of course, he also sees the glory of God who is high and lifted up and the train of His robe, His majesty and His glory, fills the temple. The fire of this encounter, both terrifying and glorious, changes Isaiah forever. He now has the fire of God’s glory in his bones.

Behold the goodness and the severity of God. The heads and the tails of the one coin. Focus on one part of God to the detriment of the other and you do God, yourself and humanity a disservice. The man that only “knows” God’s wrath knows not God at all, he has a mere head knowledge. The man who only knows God’s love, knows not God at all, he has mere “tender affections,’ which will not save him or anyone else. God’s love is a consuming fire. It has the power to save and the power to consume. The eye that has beheld the Lord our God can plumb the depths of His love. God is not the God of the vain imaginations of tender men and woman given over to emotions. Neither is He the wrathful vengeful God of the religious zealot. He is good and He is severe. He pardons and He rightly judges. Has the eye of your spirit beheld His glory?

2 Responses to “Unchangeable and untainted righteousness.”

  1. This is excellent and a very needed word for the Body of Christ in this day! May God show us the fullness of His glory and may we bow before Him in the humility that comes from love and the reverence that comes from holiness! Our God is worthy of it all!
    Thanks, bro. Frank!

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