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Where your longing heart encounters your will.

Posted by appolus on March 3, 2021

There is a place where your longing and your will, embrace. It’s a genesis. It is the true beginning of a change in the spiritual life of a saint. There is no power in longing alone. Longing, without the accompanying will, is no different than good intentions. We know that there is a broad road, a steep hill, that goes all the way down into hell and that hill is paved with good intentions as the old adage goes.

There is nothing more tragic than one who hears the words of Jesus, who agrees with the words of Jesus but who, in the end, does not do the words of Jesus. It is in the doing that we take possession of the promises of God. It is when the longing intersects with the will that something radical happens. Something dies and in that death spiritual life springs forth. It is by an act of the will that we step forward and volunteer to die. And when we empty ourselves of the things of this world, when they die upon our own cross, then spiritual life rushes in and our inner man is empowered and infused and our outer men are changed into the image of of our Lord.

Working out your salvation is gloriously noble and difficult. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. It is a quest full of multiple obstacles that require to be overcome. In and of ourselves we could never do it, but we have been gloriously enabled. What was not possible is now possible but you must reach our and take a hold of it. You must possess that which was given to you. It is yours by virtue of the new birth. The Lord overcame so that we too could,by the power of the Spirit, overcome. I pray that today your will, will have, a radical encounter with your longing so that it gives birth to change.

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