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What hill will you die on?

Posted by appolus on January 6, 2021

What happened at the Capitol building was that the Ivory castle was touched by behavior that it had encouraged or ignored for six months. I detest violence, all violence and I detest hypocrisy and this country is drowning in it. Just prior to the French revolution, the peasants of Paris marched 16 miles to the palace of Versailles.

An opulent over the top palace where the elites lived, untouched by the ravages of what was going on in the rest of the country. The mostly peaceful protesters demanded that the royal family return to Paris and see what was going on because over a long period of time the elites had become hopelessly out of touch.

Saints, we are living in very dangerous times. My advice to you is to break any strongholds of the world that may exist in your heart. The world is falling apart. You can see that. A house divided cannot stand, it will fall. And by fall I mean that it will fall into the dark abyss of secular atheistic authoritarianism.

The next great enemy for the authorities to conquer is all those who oppose or stand against their ideas. That is you and me. In case you are wondering what the strategy of the devil is here through the smokescreen of political agitation, he is after this one single truth and in the end he will kill anyone who propagates it

“I am the way, the truth and the lifeand no man come to the Father but by me.” Do you want to die on a hill? This is the hill to die on. This is our line and we will hold it to the last man. Political intrigue is just that. This is Kingdom business.

So get ready. Our weapons are not carnal, they are spiritual and to be used for the pulling down of strongholds. When you are surrounded on every side, then you stand back to back and side by side. I look forward to meeting you, my fellow brothers and sisters on this battlefield, on this the final hill. A hill we shall never surrender. This is our battle.

6 Responses to “What hill will you die on?”

  1. Prayergate said

    It’s a privilage to be on the same battlefield as you, my Brother!

  2. Crissy said

    AMEN and AMEN !

  3. jlue said

    I think what happened at the Capital was intended to be violent by the overwhelming majority, but you are right. It is a lost cause and America is a house divided for sure. 😢

  4. jlue said

    I intended to write “non-violent”. I’m sorry for the error!

  5. Rebecca said

    The Lord is raising up Elijah’s who have been kept in wilderness places. In His time we will be called out to speak truth boldly, be courageous and when all we can do is stand we will stand without compromise. The battle is at our doors … Satan is ready to pounce in a way that most are not prepared for. But “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Yes the war is spiritual and we must be grounded in His Word and filled with His Spirit to prevail.

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