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Be still and know.

Posted by appolus on November 16, 2020

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble.

Perhaps you have reached a crisis point today? Will you call upon the Lord who is your refuge and strength and who is a very present help in time of trouble? Do you know that God is in your midst and you shall not be moved? God will help you at the “turning of the morning.” This means “at the break of Dawn.” You have heard the phrase “things are always darkest just before the dawn,” then praise the Lord we serve a God that shines His light into the darkest of situations. No matter what you face today, no matter how dark your situation, there is a God who cares and is working behind the scenes.

And He is not distant God, like the gods of this world. He is “a very present,” help in time of trouble. He is with us. He dwells in us and therefore He is always near. Whether you sense that presence or not, He is always near. If the Spirit of God dwells within your chest, then so does your heavenly Father and His glorious Son. So yes, He is near. He is not a days journey from you, He is your very breath. He is your high tower and we run into Him. We draw near to Him. How near? The nearness of your heart for it within your heart that He dwells. He hears your whispers on the wind. He hears your anxious heartbeat. The world may rage around you, the mountains may tremble and the waters roar. Yet just one word from our God and the whole earth would fall silent.

Come now to the mountain that cannot be shaken. Stand under the shadow of the Almighty. Lie down in the palm of His Hand. Let not your heart be troubled for our God stills the raging seas, He breaks the bows o. f the strongmen and He burns their chariots with fire. He will be exalted in your situation. The heathen and the unbeliever will marvel at His faithfulness to you. So, be still and know that He is God, He is your refuge and the righteous run into Him and they are safe

2 Responses to “Be still and know.”

  1. Kimberly Mcbride said

    Thank you for these words, I need them much.

  2. Nina said

    And he will fill you with the peace that passes all understanding.

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