A Call To The Remnant

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The four horses of the Apocalypse

Posted by appolus on September 22, 2020

Oh Adam wont you weep for your children in despair
And Eve how can you sleep when theirs hatred everywhere
We have lost our way and know not how we can forgive
For only in the light of love can this world truly live

Hatred and bitterness, this land is in despair
There’s something in the atmosphere, there’s something in the air
Stop just for a moment, and see whats all around
You’re sinking in the miry clay you need some higher ground.

In the name of Jesus I call on you this day
The ruler of the darkness says there’s no time left to play
He is coming in his fury, he is coming for mankind
The dark horse it is riding with the pale horse right behind

We shall either love each other, greet each other with a kiss
Or we shall meet upon the battle-field, on the edge of the abyss
Inflamed with indignant righteousness and blind to one another
If we refuse to love then it is brother against brother

Will you wrap yourself in glory, in impenetrable light
Or shall you march against each other into the darkest night
The red horse it is riding and the white horse right behind
War and conquest, ravenous, shall swallow up mankind.

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