A Call To The Remnant

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Can you hear the silence?

Posted by appolus on September 8, 2020

Can you hear the silence? It calls to me from the mountains and it calls to me from the valleys. From the great plains to the vast forests the silence calls to me. Come away from the noise. Are you drowning in the noise? In the silence my soul longs to rejoice. Lift me to higher ground Lord, take me up, away from the noise that everyday grows louder and louder. Everywhere I turn the noise assaults my soul. In the golden shades of glory that surrounds your majesty there is such a stillness that touches my stormy heart. The sirens call with such a din, calling us onto the rocks and disturbing our peace within. May the silence take me to the Rock that is Higher than I. May my weary soul find wings and may I fly to the glory that is you. Can you hear the silence? Is it calling to you too? Listen, listen, can you hear the still small voice.”Come away with me.”

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