A Call To The Remnant

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The magnificent good news.

Posted by appolus on June 29, 2020

Are you drowning in bad news? Everywhere you turn, the darkness of it all is pulling you down. Arise today in the glorious good news of Jesus. His glory is still transfixing me. My heart is still enraptured by my God who died to set me free. The mayhem and the chaos of this world has not changed Jesus one little bit. Indeed He is your anchor in the gale. He is the one who never fails. He is my north star and He leads me. He is the my safe harbor, can you not see oh lost and dying world? In an ugly divisive world He is beautiful and His banner of love unfurls over His children.

Brother , sister, turn it all of. Can I tell you that He waits for you in the silence. Wont you come away with Him to higher ground? To a place where the only sound is the sound of glory. Oh cant you hear it saints? The glory of a million saints crying holy, holy, holy to the Lord God almighty? In this place you will find just where you belong. You belong among the heavenly throng. Walk today in the Kingdom that you cannot see. Walk not in the flesh but in the Spirit that has set you free. The whole world can fall and crumble but the Lord of hosts, the one who never stumbles calls to you today. In the beauty of Holiness and and in awe of His magnificence, rest, and leave the world behind and and come away.

One Response to “The magnificent good news.”

  1. Amen, brother! Thanks for the strong reminder in these troubling times!

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