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Coming forth from the darkness.

Posted by appolus on November 24, 2019

The Lord spoke to me the other day as I was walking and praying, and the word that came to me was ownership. The Holy Spirit brought to my mind the parable of the tenants from Mark 12. Now the Master had planted a vineyard, He planted a hedge about it and He dug a great pit that would receive the juice from the crushed grapes and He built a tower. Everything that was needed to produce new wine was handed over to the tenants to look after while He was gone. Tenants mind you, He did not sell it to them, they were to look after it and at some point the Master would require most of the fruit that the vine produced. Now, because the Master tarried for a great time, as was His prerogative, the tenants, having possession of that vineyard, at some point began to believe that they had ownership over the vineyard. They were no longer simply workers of the Master, they had become, in their own eyes, the masters of the vineyard.

Now the audience to whom this parable was spoken to is an important part of the story. The audience was the chief priest and the scribes and the Pharisees. He was clearly talking to them and they knew it. He was peeling open their hearts for all the world to see. While on the outside they still pretended to be serving God in their capacity as priests and scribes, serving the Temple and the system, The Lord was clearly showing that in the deepest parts of their hearts, they had assumed ownership over the worship of God and His temple. They were no longer servants of the most high God, tenants merely looking after something that did not belong to them, they had arrogantly assumed ownership of it all. And they would not be accountable to the Master, in fact they would destroy anyone He sent in order to hold on to what they now believed to be theirs.

Ownership. How would this concept infect Christendom? In the early days pf the Church, as most know, brothers and sisters met in houses. Consider these following Scriptures and note the pattern.

Philemon 1:2 – And to [our] beloved Apphia, and Archippus our fellowsoldier, and to the church in thy house:
1 Corinthians 16:19 – The churches of Asia salute you. Aquila and Priscilla salute you much in the Lord, with the church that is in their house.
Colossians 4:15 – Salute the brethren which are in Laodicea, and Nymphas, and the church which is in his house.
Romans 16:5 – Likewise [greet] the church that is in their house. Salute my wellbeloved Epaenetus, who is the firstfruits of Achaia unto Christ.

Can you see the recurring phrase? It is “the church that is in their house.” You see clearly here that the Church is the people and the house is simply the place that they met. We have to jump forward almost three hundred years to the time of Constantine to see where it all changed. Keep in mind that the Church is the people and the Church met in people’s houses. The notion that the house was the Church is a totally foreign concept. How could the Church meet in the Church? And so, because the Church met in people’s houses, no one could have ownership of it. Yet, when Constantine decided that Christianity would be the State religion, great temples were built to rival and surpass all the pagan temples of the day. This is where the Church would now worship, this is where we see the building become the Church in the eyes of men. Now people “went to Church.” And this building that had usurped the title of the Body of Christ now had owners. They were not simply tenants or shepherds or elders, watching over the Masters flock, they were owners. And just like the scribes and the priests and Pharisees before them, the owners pretended to serve God but they in fact were merely serving themselves. Anyone who threatened their livelihoods were abused, imprisoned, tortured and killed. They were in fact worse than the Pharisees and scribes who went before them for they went out and actively hunted down and killed all who opposed them, searching high and low, near and far to find anyone who challenged their ownership of “Christendom.”

So we see a collision of two great errors that was to shape Christendom for the next 1800 years and we are still living with the consequences of error built upon error. The first error was that the Church, rather than being the people, became the building, and the second error is the building itself, for a building has intrinsic value and men fight over things of value and desire to have ownership over it. In practical terms, those who owned the building owned the activities that took place within the building. Rather than have a Royal priesthood of believers, we now saw a clergy/laity split. The clergy were the owners and the laity were the ones who served the clergy. Now because they had assumed ownership, they also assumed authority. This is the third great error that forms the foundation of religion rather than relationship. This authority was exercised with such brutality it is hard to even describe. God sent hundreds of thousand of saints over the last 2000 years to challenge these men and these men responded with a brutality that would make hell blush.

And now in our time we have the impotent aftermath of a thousand years of error. A thousand years of ownership, a thousand years of the royal priesthood being forcibly divided into clergy and laity. A rotten dying system of men. A system that denies the authority of the one they proclaim. There can only be one Master and it is He who must have the preeminence. Yet if that preeminence was actually acknowledged and bowed down to, the “owners,” would lose their possessions. What will the Lord of the vineyard do when He returns with those who usurped His authority and in practical terms exercised ownership and authority over that which did not belong to them? There will indeed be weeping and gnashing of teeth as they cry out “Lord, Lord, we did all these things in your name.”

Brothers and sisters let me encourage you. This rotten system is crumbling around us. The Tares are becoming self evident as the days of the harvest approach, as the hour draws near. The Master shall return and His return is imminent. Let Him find faith on the earth when He returns. Let us follow hard after our Lord and His Word. Read His Word and follow it with all of your heart. Let it be the great North star that guides you through the stormy seas of countless centuries of the traditions of men. Let these traditions fall away like the garments of death that were removed from Lazarus as he arose from the dead and emerged from his tomb as he heard the cry of the Lord Himself “come forth.” Brothers and sisters come forth out of the darkness of tradition into the light of the Word of God and His call. He is calling. The stone is being rolled away by the power of God. And into the dark and gloomy cave where the dead lie, the light of Christ shines forth and beckons you to “come out of her.”

11 Responses to “Coming forth from the darkness.”

  1. Ashley Little said

    So good!

  2. Nina said

    Reblogged this on For Such A Time As This.

  3. Dick said

    Such a powerful word Brother— and within me is a profound conviction of it’s truth. I’ve read that Parable many times and never drew the connection to the “system.” But there it is in it’s practical application. And yes, the Institution is unraveling not just in the Chicago land area where I live with the likes of Willow Creek and Harvest Bible, but all across the land. “Coming out,” is a first important step but “finding Him” is critical. How I want my family to see this truth and avoid the pitfalls of the professional intermediary clergy and the church enterprise fiasco that has resulted. I would add that there is a “waiting” period in finding Him and a gathering with others under His preeminence. For me anyway that also is very true. And I’ve seen house gatherings determinate into systems as well. Thanks so much for your exegesis of the Word. It really hit home with me. Blessings!

    • appolus said

      Thank you brother Dick, I agree that house churches can be afflicted with the same malady as those of organized religion. Jesus being preeminent and servant hearts are what is needful. God bless you brother………….bro Frank

  4. Dick said

    Meant to say deteriorate not determinate!

  5. KMH said

    Brother Frank – you are so right! Judgement is clearly in the House of the Lord now dealing with this man made system and the Lord is calling “Come out of her my people – so you will not participate in her sins.” The problem is there is no place of unity to go – God’s people do not believe we sin! Others do sin, the world does sin – but the enemy is so sly… we cannot see our own log and thus we avoid one another! (Kanye calls it “cancelled.” Hubby and I are really trying to work on ourselves and our own marriage.
    We hosted a small group in our home… it was so hard to get people to focus on themselves!!! Women are so out of alignment and husbands are so spiritually small (one was even divorcing his wife!!!). Prayer requests were for everyone else’s changing… but me? Well, I am saved and good!
    Sorry Brother – but I do not have the faith to open up my home next small group season. I am sad but dealing with my own log.
    I am reading Watchman Nee… “The Overcoming Life” so good and deals with Christians BLOCKING the flow of blessing in and through us – Jesus’ Body and vessel!
    When God’s people deal with the baal/idols in each of our lives (systems we trust) then the Elijah/John the Baptist – repent – for the Kingdom of Heaven will be here in our midst!
    I often wonder – did the Holy Spirit “fall” on pentecost (Acts 2:1-3) or was it breathed first when Jesus rose (John 20:22-23) and the One Accord the disciples were in brought the forgiveness/loosing and binding of the enemy so the Holy Spirit could flow with dunamis power!!!
    That is my prayer for an assembly!

    • appolus said

      Hi KMH. I understand about opening up your house. I have also done this in the past, but now I and three others meet in my house once a week and at other times I go for coffee with these guys. The criteria? They love the Lord our God with all of their hearts. They love the word of God with a driving passion. If our numbers are never added to it wont bother me. I am rich in the fellowship of like-minded brothers. Now when I say like minded, it is not that we agree on every single aspect of Scripture ( but for the most part we do) no, the like minded part comes in the driving passion of their life. So my advice to you sister, and anyone else. Find at least one other believer that is driven by his or her passion for Jesus. Find that other person for whom the only reason they get up in the morning is because of their great love for Jesus. Whose last thought at night as they lay their head down on the pillow is Jesus. In other words, find true fellowship and do not be unequally yoked. When we have this, this is what will attract others to us. Jesus among us, Jesus lifted up, Jesus exalted. God bless you sister……………bro Frank

      • KMH said

        Amen. That is a great way for me to pray, Brother Frank!
        Lord, I pray you equally yoke me in fellowship to one other believer that is driven by a passion for You – from morning until night – may love for your be our driving force – and may our fellowship be a joy of proclaiming your glories and your excellencies!

  6. Lisa said

    Brother, as I read this I almost started to weep and I felt so a sadness of the
    Masses that are so deceived in these institutions. Oh God I pray for mercy and that some will be delivered. My dear brother what a powerful article.
    Be encouraged

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