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He is the way

Posted by appolus on November 4, 2019

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.(Joh 14:6)

There are many earth shattering moments when Jesus spoke. Moments and words that changed everything. This scripture is among the most profound truth ever written. This is why in the end of end days it will become the most infamous of all Scriptures. This will be banned and become illegal to share in our life time. It will be deemed as hate speech and once that occurs, almost all of what Jesus spoke will be considered detrimental to the spiritual health of the population at large. His words will then be cherry picked and the rest will simply not be spoken about, much like the Jewsih people who ignore Isaiah 53.

Let us affirm this truth. Jesus is the only way to heaven and every other road leads directly to hell, whether that be the Islamic road or the Judaic road or the Hindu road or the Buddhist road. The only way to God is through His son Jesus. He is the way. And in the depths of that meaning we are shown that it is not good enough to say that you are His or that you believe in Him, there must be fruits of your salvation. We will know a saint by the way that he or she walks. In the days of the inquisitions, many saints were identified for persecution because it was said of then that they lived “exemplary,” lives. This is the way of Christ. We live and we strive to live as He did and taught. The truth is the word of God. It is not open for debate among saints, starting with the above Scripture. Jesus is the Truth and Jesus is the word made flesh and we stand upon it, even with our very lives. It burns at the center of our souls, it is a fire in our bones and flames upon our lips. The truth spoken in love scorches a Godless earth. To the ungodly it is a fire that must be extinguished.

Finally He is the life and no man truly follows Him without having His life in Him. His life in us is joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. It is peace when all around us is turmoil. It is joy even in the depths of despair. It is love when we should hate. It is self control and meekness. It is a giving of ourselves and a crucified life. In all of this we are long suffering and the very least those around us will say is that we are good people. And so saint even in these ever darkening days let us stand upon the fundamental truth of our Lord and never waver even as the inevitable assaults come flooding in. He is true and let all men be liars.

4 Responses to “He is the way”

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  2. L CBrackLes said

    Thank you. This was needed today. May the Lord bless you with all you need. Loy Leslie


  3. Rebecca said

    As i read and reread this I think of a famous female talk host who sponsored a new age book then sat in the audience for questions. To my surprise one lone woman interrupted her and asked but how do you please God? As this talk host spoke with authority about the many ways to lead our lives on earth and the many ways to God, Confronted by this one lone woman about Jesus being the only way the experienced host spoke about the many ways “to what you call God” … she spoke about good deeds and to the power of self and more.The talk show host met the crowd head on with words well rehearsed. We can not compromise even if we are the one lone person in the crowd … we can not compromise the truth no matter the consequence to this body. Scripture tells us that God is going before us and He is our rear guard. We can expect to be challenged. We must be ready … we must be prepared. We must be filled daily with His Spirit of truth and we must know The Word. We may be weak but He that dwells within us is strong … and will lead us into all truth. We have the comforter …we have the promise … the Father and Son who abides within will never leave or forsake us. As it gets darker and darker we must pray not only for ourselves but for the rest of the body who is suffering …. and know this they are in turn praying for us.

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