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In Christ alone?

Posted by appolus on January 27, 2019

Is Jesus not enough? And the sad fact is that for many He is not. Can we worship the Lord Jesus and Him alone despite any outward circumstances? Many will gladly follow the Lord Jesus to the mountaintop, how many will follow Him to the cross? So many desire His blessings but not many are interested in His sufferings. We desire to feast but we shy away from the fast. We want to be clothed in garments of righteousness and beauty but we dont want to appear to this world in what they perceive to be rags.

The riches of Christ, the depths of His glory are found oftentimes in the darkness of our circumstances. The treasure is found buried in the field. The field is the word of God, Christ made flesh, and who among us will give our all to attain this field and then set about to dig, to excavate to mine? Is not the honey found within the honeycomb? The Lord has laid down the terms to purchase this field. It requires our lives and our whole hearts.

6 Responses to “In Christ alone?”

  1. Kimberly Mcbride said

    Preach my brother !

  2. Scott Price said

    Hi brother Frank, you and I agree on very many things, especially about the church and apostolic ministry. Not on everything but on many things. I do a lot of strengthening of small churches in SE Asia and would love to touch base occasionally. The fact that you use the name
    “Appollus”, tells me a lot. If you would be amenable to very occasional questions or conversations, please feel free to email me directly. No worries if that is out of bounds for what you do. Just looking for a kindred spirit on the work of apostolic strengthening of the body. Blessings to you. I don’t do facebook which will give away my age which explains why I don’t reach out to you there.

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