A Call To The Remnant

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Life and that more abundantly.

Posted by appolus on January 23, 2019

Only that which flows from an uninterrupted gaze upon Jesus has any real value. Everything else is the shadow of the object. Granted, one can still enjoy the heat from the sun in the shadow, but to stand in the unadulterated presence of God, to enter the impenetrable light, to come behind the veil, this is where our lives are altered and changed forever. People who work in a hospice know that a dying man or woman who eats even the smallest of meals can live for several more days. When people stop eating, then they begin to die. Just one moment in the manifest presence of God edifies the inner man. It feeds him in ways that nothing else can do. It never stops feeding him. Yet, the distractions of this life and ministry can easily draw us away from Him. The cares of this world can choke the life out of any man if he allows it. Just like the flesh, this world demands our attention and it simply will not take no for an answer. It must be put in its place.

And so, if one morsel can keep the human body alive for several days, just imagine what a sumptuous meal would do? Imagine the power and the strength that one would have if they were made to lie down in green pastures and sit beside still waters. Even if that one was walking through the valley of the shadow of death, their souls would still be renewed every day and they would fear no evil. They would be invited to sit down at the Lord‘s banqueting table, even in the presence of their enemies and would have eyes to see the goodness and the mercy of God because his eyes are focused on Jesus. He has invited us to sit down at His banqueting table, to be intoxicated with His manifest presence and when we do His banner over us, His hedge around us, His fire by night and His cloud by day over us is love and power and strength and most importantly, life. His life in us, flowing through us, touching and healing and bringing His life wherever we go.

He stands at the door and knocks. Who among us will repent from having neglected Him and lift our eyes up to see through an open door to heaven? To see Him high and lifted up, to see Him in all of His majesty and glory. To see the train of His robe fill the temple. Can you see it brothers and sisters, it is all about seeing Him, keeping our eyes on Him. How important is it? Just ask Peter in the midst of a great storm as he walked on and above the stormy waters of life. The very second he takes his eyes off Jesus he begins to sink into a morass of this world and all of its demands. You can spend the rest of your life cursing the darkness with your eyes firmly focused on sin, but do not be fooled, you will only ever magnify that which you gaze upon. Gaze continually upon your sin and the sin of this world and begin to die. Gaze upon Jesus and His majesty and His glory and live. Feast upon His presence and soar. The thief came to rob and to steal and to destroy. Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly. You abundant life in Him is your witness to the world.

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