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Mystic or rationalist?

Posted by appolus on January 22, 2019

“A definite difference exists between the evangelical mystics and the evangelical rationalists. An evangelical mystic like the apostle John stands in the presence of the awesome God and cries “Holy, holy, holy,” and falls down at His feet as dead. The evangelical rationalist figures it all out and says “We can understand it;we know how it is,” then writes a long learned book about it, describing exactly what it is like. The evangelical rationalists are trying to educate themselves out of the miry pit, but they will never fully get out. God will never allow man, while the world stands, to think his way out of this horrible pit. You are going to have to have an open vision, an open door, an illuminated heart, and then you are going to have to stand, looking through that open door at that awesome throne, saying “Oh Lord God, is it I?” (A.W.Tozer)

In this scenario from Tozer, who are you? Are you a mystic or a rationalist? The above passage is speaking of the vision John has of the open door to heaven’s throne in Rev 4. Jesus tells us through John in Rev 3 that “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.(Rev 3:20) Just a few sentences earlier, he tells this group of people who are neither hot nor cold that although they think themselves rich, they are poor, although they believe themselves to be clothed, they are naked, though they think they are in need of nothing, they have in actuality nothing. Though they believe they can see they are indeed blind, blind to their own condition.

What is the remedy to such a condition? The Lord’s counsel is to buy from Him gold tried in the fires. Jesus Himself is our treasure. The Lord our God was tried in the fires of Calvary and everything we need can be found in Him. Yet how does one purchase anything from the Lord? What do we have to offer God? Ourselves. Those who try to save their lives shall lose them, but those who lose their lives for His sake, they are the ones who find eternal life. Can the rationalist give up what he has? Can he empty himself and come humbly to the Lord seeking to see what only eyes that have been opened by Him can see. The start of this process is to repent.

Right away John says “And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.”
(Rev 4:2) He was in the spirit, a phrase that will be unfamiliar to the rationalist. And yet one must be in the spirit if one is to gaze upon the very same throne that John gazed upon. One must be in the Spirit to be able to cry out “Holy, holy, holy is our God.” In this moment, the lukewarm is burned up by the refining fire of the gold of Christ Himself. It is by the power of the Spirit that we are transformed, renewed, sanctified. It is by the Spirit of God that we can cry Abba. We can do none of these things clothed by our own minds and wisdom. If that is all we have, then we are naked indeed. If this is our condition we must repent. God Himself is waiting to open the eyes of our heart. To the heart that longs to see Him in all His glory He awaits, He stands, He knocks. Will you open the door?

6 Responses to “Mystic or rationalist?”

  1. Mary English said

    Thank you brother. Our focus should be Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit working within our broken vessels. All of the biblical knowledge and pontificating is wearisome, more like dry posturing rather than a well of fresh water for the spirit. If we are to come like children unto the Lord, then I trust he is faithful to lead me in righteousness and his wisdom. The more I soak up God’s word, the more I realize that our attempts to comprehend the Lord are laughable! He’s so amazing, and the more I trust and acknowledge his glory, the greater the joy and peace that wash over me. What a matchless,supernatural, boundless, loving Father we have!

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…..The short article by Tozer is very deep and thought provoking. However, I want to make a comment on something that you said in your comments on Tozers article. “How do we buy something from God. What do we have to offer him?” I have pondered that question a thousand times, “What do we have to offer him.” Then you answered the question, and the answer is so simple when one thinks about it. “The only thing that we have to offer is, ourselves” It is so simple once it has been pointed out to me. The purchase price of buying something from God, is ourselves. Great article brother Frank

    • appolus said

      Thank you bro Robert. I think the process of “emptying,” ourselves is a good illustration of the point. Dying to self, surrender, humbling yielding to the breaking process are all ways we “buy,” something from the Lord in the context of that Scripture…………….bro Frank

  3. Scott Price said

    Hi Brother Frank. Do t know how to recommend things to you other than a comment. Take a listen on YouTube to People and Songs….Throne if God. Blessings.

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