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The absolute necessity of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Posted by appolus on September 29, 2018

The Holy Spirit is David’s indignation, His courage, His sling and his stone. The Holy Spirit is the staff of Moses, the strength of Samson and the words of Isaiah. He is the fire from heaven that consumes the sacrifice of Elijah. He is the fire that goes before the Israelites in the desert night and the cloud that covered them by day. He is the fire that surrounds the saints heart as they lift up the name of Jesus. He is the courage of a million martyrs down through the ages. He is the spiritual song they sing as the mortal flames deliver them to immortality. He is the breath that is breathed into Adam’s lungs.

He is the one who leads and guides me into all truth. He is the presence in the dungeon that encourages Paul and Silas to sing the praises of Jesus even in the gross darkness. He is the power that came down and shook the prison and opened every door. At the name of Jesus He is the power that makes the demons flee, at the name of Jesus He is the power that compels men to their knees, at the name of Jesus He is the power that raises men from the dead, at the name of Jesus He is the power that convicts all men of sin, at the name of Jesus He is the power that ushers Jesus into the hearts of men.

He puts the sword of the word in the hands of men who have wrapped themselves in light. And He uses that sword to pierce, to thoroughly penetrate the darkness of unbelief and the hardest hearts of men. He convicts the lost and He empowers every part of who we are, but most of all He elevates the Lord Jesus Christ to the throne of willing men’s hearts. Oh foolish man, who among you think that for one minute you can do one single thing of eternal value, one single thing that will not be burned as wood hay and stubble outside of being Baptized in the Holy Spirit. You might be mighty in words, the fame of your might may be known across the land.

You may be powerful in deed and the whole world knows of all of them, but none of the mighty words of men, nor their deeds means a single thing to the Lord our God. For we know that it is not by the might of men, neither is it by their power that anything is achieved but the eternal things of God are achieved by His Holy Spirit and His Holy Spirit alone. Who will stand before the living God and announce to Him that they have no need of such power? It is a direct act of disobedience to reject the power of God. That which was begun by the Spirit cannot be finished by the flesh. In the evil day that flesh will fall and die. That flesh will deny Jesus. That flesh will seek to please the world rather than please God because it will fear men rather than God.

If Peter, outside of the power of the Holy Spirit, denied Jesus, will you fare any better oh man? If you have not waited upon the Lord and sought to be endued with power from on high then now is the time. The Bridegroom is coming for His Bride. It is almost time for the virgins lamps to be lit. There is only one source of oil for your vessel. The small source of oil that will light your lamp will not last, only those who have oil in their vessels will enter in. Those who are lacking will come knocking on the door of the marriage feast and the door is closed and Jesus says to them upon hearing their cries to open the door ” I do not know you.” The most fearful words any man or woman could ever hear.

2 Responses to “The absolute necessity of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit”

  1. Nina said

    Reblogged this on For Such A Time As This.

  2. Eileen said

    I am in great need of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

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